Your Tummy Is Trying To Tell You Something

GI ProblemsYou may be suffering from small “annoyances” like constipation, yeast infections, and chronic tummy aches. If so, you’re not alone. Turn on the TV and you’ll see commercial after commercial for over the counter drugs and products to treat gastrointestinal problems: Tums, Rolaids, X-LAX, Metamucil, and now Activia, the chemicalized yogurt that contains high fructose corn syrup (HFCS results in fatty livers analogous to patè de foie gras), modified corn starch (aggravates gluten sensitivities), red dye (carcinogenic), and bifidus regularis (a probiotic that you could find in supplement form without all the added toxins). There are lots of ways the food, diet, and drug industries can approach you to make money off your gastrointestinal aches, pains, bloating, gas and other unmentionable issues.

If you continue to eat the factory products that are making you sick and ignore your GI problems and/or take OTCs and prescription drugs to try to fix those problems, more glaring health problems will crop up as the breaking down process escalates. You could end up with irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivities, chronic yeast, leaky gut (intestinal permeability), gluten intolerance or even celiac disease, and/or autoimmune conditions. (This is not to say that people who eat and live in a very pristine way cannot also get sick, as we live in an extremely toxic world.)
The GI tract, the passage from the mouth all the way to the exit, is the barometer of our overall health. It’s imperative to have a healthy intestinal tract because that’s where nutrition is introduced and assimilated into your body. If you have GI problems, your tummy is trying to tell you something! “I don’t like what you’re putting in me. Please stop!” If you stop eating all factory-food products and start eating a balanced diet of real, living food and avoiding drugs and toxins, you will likely regain full health, including GI health. Why are we not hearing this message from doctors? Why are we not hearing that bad GI health is a clear and present danger to our overall health?
I disagree with the slash and burn way that medicine is being practiced today with doctors causing maximum collateral damage to people with drugs and procedures. And it is so wrong of doctors to ignore constipation and other “minor” GI problems. Constipation is a serious assault on your body and your overall health. Constipation is the paralysis of your GI tract, which leaves you with undigested food caught midway, causing tummy aches, bloating, cramping, and gas and resulting in poor nutrition assimilation and increased toxicity. This leads to inflammation, serious GI problems, compromised immune function, and all kinds of illnesses. When your GI tract is paralyzed, the inflammatory cascade of heat, pain, and swelling is going to lead to bad things. Two thirds of your immune system is in your gut. You need a healthy GI tract to eliminate viruses and bacteria in your food, absorb vital nutrients, and eliminate toxins.
Normally, peristalsis, the organized rhythm-like muscular contraction of the digestive track that moves food from the mouth to elimination, systematically regulates the movement of food through the digestive system. When fully operational, peristalsis advances food along the way breaking it down and assimilating nutrients. When each stage is complete, the muscles of peristalsis push the food along to the next process. Digestion begins in your mouth with chewing and salivary enzymes, which start to break down the food you’re eating. Next, stomach acids begin dissolving food and activating protein-digesting enzymes. When food goes from the stomach to the entry of the small intestine, the pancreas releases alkaline fluids and enzymes, which are used to neutralize stomach acid. The partially digested food then progresses through your small intestines where, now that the acid has been buffered, enzymes can assimilate nutrients without being destroyed.
This system works beautifully unless peristalsis is interfered with. There are many contributing factors to impaired peristalsis. Toxic factory food, including toxic oils (canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower, soy), sugar, lack of fiber in your diet, food intolerances, too much coffee or alcohol consumption, and many prescription drugs are examples of assaults on your digestive tract that will cause paralysis of the GI tract directly or indirectly through inflammatory responses. While the food sits in your stomach and/or small intestine it may belch back up, which is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), better known as heartburn. Likewise, if the food is held up anywhere along the digestive process, you may experience other types of problems such as a tummy ache, bloating, cramping, and gas.  
In short, the reason that garden-variety GI problems should be considered code red emergencies is that they prevent your body from getting optimal nutrition.  
In a perfect medical system doctors would automatically take an interest in healing our GI tracts, because as you can see, to ignore our GI problems spells inevitable deleterious effects on our health. The perfect-world doctors would approach healing our GI tracts with nutrition (food) first, and then with supplements, nutraceuticals, homeopathy, enzymes, and Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, and other healing modalities. The sad reality is that if you are suffering from GI problems, your doctor is likely pushing drugs and not considering nutrition, especially supplementation.
I use the term “enlightened doctors” to refer to doctors who continue learning after medical school, and who are versed in nutrition. We are way overdue in medicine for a change in attitudes about healing, and how symptoms are factored in to the healing strategy. If we are to heal as a nation and really be healthy, doctors need to pay attention to the body’s operating systems—such as the GI tract. If you suffer from GI problems like constipation and your doctor doesn’t take a very seriously, it’s time to find an enlightened doctor.
If you’re on your own because your doctor isn’t versed in nutrition, and you can’t find and enlightened doctor, the first reasonable course of therapeutic action to heal your gut is to stop eating and drinking all factory-food products and to eat only real, living food. Stop eating all white flour products and sugar. Quit coffee. It has no redeeming qualities and it’s going to stand in the way of your optimal health plan. Take probiotics and drink green veggie juice. You also need to eat fats to heal your gut and flood your system with building supplies. In addition to saturated fat and meat from grass fed animals, lots of butter, whole yogurt, and whole raw milk, you need supplemental fats. My current healing fats are Activator X (also known as X Factor), cod liver oil, primrose oil, coconut, and red palm oil.
Ultimately it always comes back to eating a balanced diet of real, whole, living food.
Om Shanti!
Your girlfriend in health, 
GI Problems

Nancy Deville

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