Your Best New Year Ever Begins with NOT Making Resolutions


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! I hope it’s your best year ever. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, why not ask yourself some questions.


1.  Am I happy in general? If no, why not?

2.  Am I happy in my relationship? If no, why not?

3.  Am I happy in my body? If no, why not?

4.  Am I happy in my career? If no, why not?

5.  Am I happy in my present location? If no, why not?

6.  Am I happy with my friendships? If no, why not?


If you’ll bear with me, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about happiness.

1. Sometimes you can have all the ingredients to be happy but it’s your habit of feeling vaguely unhappy and complaining about little things that prevent you from embracing happiness. Gratitude, smiling a lot (especially at yourself in the mirror), thinking before you complain (and then not doing complaining), and recognizing all the reasons why you should be happy can resolve the bad habit of “being unhappy.”

2. People stay in unsatisfying relationships for many reasons, guilt, fear, even laziness. If you’re not deliriously happy with your partner, ask yourself is it worth wasting another year? I believe there is someone out there for everyone. If you are kooky and quirky (like me) you can meet your perfect match. I did at age 61. You just have to create a vacuum but extricating yourself from your current bad relationship.

3. Body acceptance is vital to overall happiness. The other day I thought, In four years I will be able to say that I’ve been watching my weight for 60 years. It kind of shocked me. I don’t want to spend the next 4 years thinking about my weight. Even I, who spends so much time preaching acceptance, can get sucked into that. Accept, accept, accept. And if you have bad eating habits, change them to healthy ones. You can do it.

4. Making a career change can feel treacherous. Today when people are struggling to make a living and everything is so freaking expensive, it’s difficult to think about making a change. But if you’re unhappy and you don’t try to make a change it will never happen.

5. I moved to Boston for my ex. I totally hated it and felt like a fish out of water, even though I go back there to visit my dogs (he got them in the divorce) and love every minute of it. But the fact is that I’m a California girl down deep and I need to be in Los Angeles. If you’re not happy where you are living there is a very big country out there to choose another location.

6. If you’re surrounded by toxic relationships, it’s impossible to be happy. Cut out the toxic so-called friendships, and remember your real friends make a point of being in your life and they do it to support YOU.

Peace, Fun, Love.

Your girlfriend in health,

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