What Fat Kids Can Tell Us About Nutrition

Real FoodYou could be one of the over three million people who have watched the nine year old Timmy on the YOUTUBE video “Me Singing and Dancing to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.” People are mesmerized by Timmy’s charisma. I see something else that is significant to millions of American parents. Timmy’s fat.

He may be fat, but his aerobic dancing and singing would leave the vast majority of adults breathless and sweating. So what’s the deal? Timmy is clearly a normal nine year old highly testosteronized boy on tilt. If he weren’t he would likely be so fat he wouldn’t be able to lift one leg off the floor. The only explanation is that Timmy has been raised on a diet is factory food: Sugary cereal, toaster tarts and Coke for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, Hot Pockets and more Coke for snacks, pizza or mac and cheese with hot dogs, chips, more Coke, and other noxious products. This is American “kid food.”
Kid food is really, really fattening.  (It’s poisonous too, but our focus here is on how fattening it is.)
Please don’t say it’s the fat and sugar. At least don’t say it without qualifying it. It’s the molecularly damaged fats and refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Unhealthy fats, sugar and salt are fattening. So are the flavor enhancer MSG and artificial sugar aspartame as these excitoxins are clinically proven to make people fatter. Then there are toxins in factory food that your body does not recognize as nutrition including colored dyes, fragrances, and flavorings, as well as hormones, phytoestrogen, GMO residues, and hundreds of drugs. These toxins harm you on a cellular level. The combined lack of nutrition and toxic exposure is viewed as a time of famine to your brain. Think about it. Your brain is programmed for survival and if it’s not getting the nutrition it needs and at the same time is registering an apocalyptic dump of poisons it’s going to scream, “Code Red!” So your brain reacts by directing the thyroid to ratchet down and insulin response to food to increase. The result of this biological turmoil is the craving and binging syndrome. You can call it never being satiated (hungry all the time), or you can call it irresistible urges, or you can call it stuffing yourself at inappropriate times, like right before bed. You can read more about how famine induces craving and binging in my books Death by Supermarket and Healthy, Sexy, Happy.
Right now I would like to talk about real food and how Timmy and millions of other fat children could slim down and be fit, healthy, and happy on a diet of real food. Real food are foods that could be picked, gathered, milked, hunted, or fished, that are grown or raised in a clean, healthy environment, and have not undergone any science fiction processing.

Some of the benefits of real food are:

Your body will naturally reach its ideal body composition without dieting
Your brain will become healthy and happy
Gastrointestinal problems will resolve
Sinus problems, allergies, and asthma will resolve
Real food protects you from disease  

Your body will naturally reach its ideal body composition without dieting

Just today I read yet another “lose weight by cutting food intake” article from someone I admire and respect and all I can say is “Grrrrrr.” Please do not diet if you want to lose weight and for goodness sake do not put your kids on a diet. You’ll create more psychological problems. Dieting and kids is even more doomed for failure because kids are growing and their endocrine systems are developing. Growth and development cannot occur on body fat. Body fat is fuel only.
Real, whole living food is building material for ongoing metabolic processes. Real food is satiating because the brain registers it as incoming nutrition. If you supply your body with real food after a period of time (different for everyone), your brain will calm down, cravings and binging will stop. With time your body will naturally shrink down to its optimal body composition.

Your brain will become healthy and happy

Notice any depression, temper tantrums and other bad behavior with your kids or yourself? Our brains need what I call happy neurotransmitters for us to be well adjusted, happy, and able to seize the day. Real food supplies the materials to make happy neurotransmitters. With happy neurotransmitters firing away in your brain, you’ll have an easier time with life’s challenges and a much easier go at quitting addictions.
When you are happy and not tethered to addictions you can do anything you set out to do in life. Why not eat real, whole living food and be happy?

Gastrointestinal problems will resolve

Said it before and will say it again, if you’re having any kind of GI problems it’s your body trying to tell you, “I don’t like what you’re putting in me. Please stop!” Why wait until your GI tract goes ballistic with inflammatory bowel disease or some other terrible, really hard to cure problem? Stop putting factory food into your body and eat real, whole, living food. Again, I’ve devoted an entire chapter in Healthy, Sexy, Happy to showing how so called “minor” problems like constipation can escalate to major autoimmune conditions. So please do not ignore any GI problem, especially constipation.

Sinus problems, allergies, and asthma will resolve

I am very concerned about the plight of Americans’ immune systems. We simply cannot handle the toxic load that is being dumped on us each and every day. And we don’t need to contribute to it by ingesting poisons in factory food.
When you have serious reactions to bug bites, chronic sinus, allergies and asthma it should be a wake up call. Optimally your immune system will handle foreign invaders, but when too many toxins are introduced your immune system begins to overreact. These overreactions are another signal that you need to stop putting toxic substances into your body and start eating a balanced diet of real, whole, living food.
Within time your immune system can regulate—it is not too far gone. But, even if you have an autoimmune condition, it is not hopeless. Stopping drugs and eating real food can heal your body. You have to be persistent and give it time.

You’ll protect yourself from disease

Obesity, chronic illness, disease, and outward manifestations of aging are symptoms of accelerated aging. There is no way we can stop aging because we are progressing toward death every minute of every day. But what is disturbing is how fast people are progressing toward death and the horrible ways people are dying of cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions. Modern death means dying drugged-up in impersonal hospital rooms, tethered to monitors with beepers going off, with strangers walking in and out. I’d like to see more people healthy enough to die of old age peacefully in a celebratory experience at home, surrounded by loved ones. That’s the way we are meant to leave this world.
A balanced diet of real, whole living food supplies proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and enzymes that work synergistically to repair and rebuild your body and to protect it from toxic exposure and, thus, from disease. Your body is your most precious possession. If you eat real, whole, living food you are more likely to live a happy life, be optimally fit, and die a peaceful death.
The little boy Timmy is reliant on his parents for food. I hope that every parent who reads this will dump all factory food and replace it all with real food. As for adults, we all need to be our own parent and care and nurture our bodies with real food.
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health,
Real Food

Nancy Deville

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