What Builds You Up (Reverse and Prevent Accelerated Aging)

Ultimate YouThis is part two of a two part series beginning last week with WHAT BREAKS YOU DOWN (ACCELERATED AGING).
Every time I open the newspaper, a magazine, the Internet, or turn on the TV I am struck by the urgency of our health crisis. Yes, it is urgent, but on the other hand do we have to approach it so frantically? When I read other health websites about achieving “peak performance,” even though I’ve done my share of extreme sports and am in fairly decent shape, those kinds of goals seem elitist, scary, and intimidating. Why not just seek YOUR optimal health in a gentle way?

Attaining optimal health is not rocket science. It’s simply about building up more than you break down. My program is organized into 12 Ultimate You Skills that build you up. They are Ultimate You for reason. We all share a common bond in that we have the same physiology but that’s where it stops. Every single person is unique because we have different histories, so we have different starting points when we seek optimal health. I was raised on factory-produced food. I smoked from the time I was 14 till I was 24. When I was 46 I suffered a thyroid crash. You may have an idyllic childhood but then got in a car accident that left you addicted to painkillers. You may have been emotionally shattered by your childhood that caused you develop an eating disorder.  You may have gone through cancer treatments, or been injured in one of the wars. You may have gone through a traumatic divorce and you can’t seem to find the will to even make dinner so you’ve been eating drive thru food. You are Unique and when you go for optimal health, you want to go for your optimal health. Not your BFFs optimal health or your neighbor’s or your sister’s or that woman in the office who gets up at five a.m. to jog and brags about it. Your optimal health!
People today are aging so rapidly because their bodies are breaking down more than they are building back up again. To attain optimal health you need to reverse this and start building back up. A major focus of my program is eating real food. But it’s not all about food. Here are some ways you can help your mind, body, and spirit rebuild. 

  • Never diet again. The fat that you’re burning off your body is only used for energy. It’s not used to remodel cells, to make neurotransmitters, hormones, and to build bones. While you may be shrinking there is total destruction going on inside your body and brain. You are breaking down more than you’re building back up again. To achieve YOUR optimal body weight, go for YOUR optimal health. Your body will reward you by shrinking down. You’ll be stunning and happy.
  • Eat fat. The human brain is 60 percent fat. Every one of your trillion cells is made up in part with cholesterol. Your endocrine system uses fat to make hormones, which are the chemical communication system of your body. If you want nice skin, hair, not to mention a happy brain, eat fat.
  • I know it’s not popular to say but eating a vegan diet is a diet; it breaks your body down. I’ve talked to numerous high profile clinical nutritionists, hormone M.D.’s and a very knowledgeable naturopathic physician about the vegan diet. “Is it possible to get all the essential amino acids in a vegan diet?” I asked. Their answer was unanimous. “No.” And they all told me that they see vegans who have serious, sometimes intractable health problems. Your body needs a balanced diet, including proteins, every day. Most neurotransmitters are made from amino acids from protein in food you eat. If you want to be happy, centered, and balanced you can only attain that for a certain period of time on a vegan diet. On a vegan diet, your body is forced to break down lean body mass (muscle and bone) to get essential amino acids. This is the epitome of breaking down.
  • Do not eat factory food. I see twenty something kids eating Fritos and drinking Coke for lunch and I’m thinking, “Hmmmm, you’re going to look older than me pretty soon.” Stopping factory food is the best thing you can do if you want to stop breaking down (accelerated aging).
  • Don’t eat soy. Cargill, Monsanto, Archer Midland Daniels would like us to believe that soy is a hippie health food. Processed soy—and I’m talking about tofu too, which is linked to early dementia—is poisonous. Soy contains numerous problematic compounds that can damage your thyroid, create reproductive problems, and increase your risk for cancer.
  • Avoid toxic exposure in food, the environment (including home care and self care products and cosmetics), medicine, including drugs (OTC, prescription). We are now exposed to 83,000 chemicals. Whenever possible, avoid toxic exposure.
  • Use hormone replacement when your hormones decline. Nothing will age you faster than waning hormone production. Bioidentical hormones are the same chemical composition as your body makes. It’s not any more “unnatural” than using insulin if your body stopped making that hormone.
  • If you are an extreme athlete stop carbo-loading. Extreme exercise generates free radicals, and you are breaking down like crazy. Eating huge amounts of carbs results in a huge amount of insulin being secreted to store those carbs away. Prolonged high insulin levels create inflammation, which is now accepted as a major cause all the degenerative diseases of aging. Sugar (carbs) is cancer fertilizer, and promotes inflammation. The optimal diet for an elite athlete begins with proteins and fats. Carbs are just fuel.
  • Avoid the five S’s that break you down: Being sedentary, stress, self-criticism, sleep deprivation, stimulants (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, aspartame, tobacco, and drugs).
  • Practice mind clearing. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, having sex, or immersing yourself in any pleasurable activity you must clear your mind every day to tamp down stress, fear, anxiety.

Why care about optimal health? I would like to share a paragraph from my book Healthy, Sexy, Happy with you. “The term “magnetic” conjures up images of sex gods or goddesses. To me, “magnetic” means that you attract into your life all the people and circumstances that will make your life tick in ways that further your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Being optimally healthy is such a turn-on and generates the magnetism that creates the milieu for sex and happiness. In other words, being healthy gives you confidence, and with self-confidence, you can do anything and achieve anything in your life.”
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health, 
Ultimate You
Nancy Deville

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