What Breaks You Down (Accelerated Aging)

Optimal HealthThis is the first of a two part series. Next week will be WHAT BUILDS YOU UP (OPTIMAL HEALTH).
Like everyone else, in the course of my searching for optimal health I’ve looked at and experimented with all kinds of theories and points of view. I think we can all agree that there isn’t a shortage of health concepts out there and that we’ve all tried them all. 

Aging is a real incentive to get to the truth. I turned sixty on my last birthday, which is the worst birthday you can do to a woman. I mean that number—it sticks in the throat.  Aging sucks so much that when the Buddha left his rarified palace and ventured out in the real world he was so stunned to realize that people age, get sick, and die that he went on to enlightenment and become the world’s first and greatest psychologist developing concepts and disciplines to help us deal with aging, sickness, and death. Aging, sickness, and death have always been bad but now people are aging way too fast, they’re sicker than ever before with bizarre illnesses like autoimmune conditions, environmental illnesses, and neurological conditions, and they are dying really awful deaths in great pain, drugged up, tethered to machines in impersonal hospital settings, with strangers walking in and out. Everyone reading this knows what I’m talking about because we lived through it with people cared about.
It used to be that when people got old they developed heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. Today we’re seeing these degenerative diseases of aging in children. And people of all ages are suffering from chronic illness, and even very young people can look older than their years.  The reason is accelerated aging, which is caused by breaking down more than you build back up.
There’s nothing you can do about the passage of time, but there’s a lot you can do prevent and reverse accelerated aging. I’ve spent the last fifteen years learning how to do that. I have shared this with you before, but it’s important enough to keep talking about the reason we break down.
The human body is dynamic. Metabolism is essentially divided into two functions: breaking down and rebuilding. Our bodies are made up of dynamic tissues that are constantly disposed of and replaced. The breaking-down process clears out the old cellular material and then building supplies are brought in and the rebuilding process begins. Just like you wouldn’t live in a house for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or more years without maintaining that house, your body needs building supplies for maintenance and the ongoing remodeling. My program, which is designed to maintain the integrated systems of your mind, body, and spirit, can be summed up simply as “building up more than you break down.”

What breaks you down?

  • Dieting, especially eating a low-fat diet.
  • I know it’s not popular to say but eating a vegan diet is a diet; it breaks your body down.
  • Eating factory food, including soy.
  • Toxic exposure in food.
  • Toxic exposure in the environment (including home care and self care products and cosmetics)
  • Toxic exposure in medicine including drugs (OTC, prescription, and let’s not forget recreational)
  • Not using hormone replacement when your hormones decline
  • Being an extreme athlete in combination with carbo loading
  • The six S’s: Being sedentary, stress, self-criticism, sleep deprivation, stimulants (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, aspartame, tobacco and drugs), and not using hormones when your own hormones decline.

My passion is to draw attention to the fact that way too many people are aging in an accelerated way. I write in my book Healthy, Sexy, Happy: “Our culture worships youth and beauty and is obsessed with sexuality, yet many people are entangled in disease, aging rapidly, wasting their lives in depression and misery, and can’t remember the last time they had (or wanted to have) sex. The tailspin begins as early as childhood these days, a slow turn that increases in the twenties, crashes and burns by the time people are in their thirties, and deteriorates into total disaster in the forties, fifties, and beyond.”
This is not a picture of utopia. This is a portrait of accelerated aging due to metabolic break down. Check back next week and learn how to build up more than you break down. (Or you could just stop doing the above 🙂
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health, 
Optimal Healthy

Nancy Deville

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