The Twelve Secrets of Healthy, Sexy, Happy People

Accelerated AgingMy new book Healthy, Sexy, Happy is coming out on June 1 and I’m so excited. It’s been an amazing year of discipline, writing, research, and discovery. I can’t wait for the release day!
In Healthy, Sexy, Happy I reveal 12 Ultimate You Skills to achieve optimal health. I didn’t just sit down and write up a list that sounded good. These are strategic skills that I developed over 15 years of developing my own program. My program is designed to help your body build up more than it breaks down to reverse and prevent accelerated aging.

Each Ultimate You Skills has it’s own chapter, so this is just a brief overview.

Redefine Health, Sex, and Happiness

We are bombarded daily with confectionary images of beauty and sexiness that have nothing to do with real life! My wish for women (and men) is that they redefine their goal to be optimal health, not optimal attractiveness or bone thinness, which I characterize as “prison camp thin” (not at all attractive or sexy).

Stop Eating All Factory Food Products

Poison, poison, poison.  I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words about factory food. It’s gross, uglifying and toxic. Why would anyone want to put that stuff in their precious body?

Eat Real, Whole, Living Food

Eating real, whole, living food (organic, if possible) is the basic foundation of my program. Real foods are building materials for the ongoing building, repairing, and replenishing systems of your body. If you don’t eat real, whole, living food you will break down more than you build back up again and you will age much faster than you have to.

Properly Care For and Feed Your Big Dumb Pet—Your Brain

The brain is helpless and reactive. Millions of people are medicated for brain related problems, everything from bad behavior and depression to neurological diseases. You don’t have to be unhappy, and you don’t have to take drugs to “fix” your brain. Your brain needs building supplies too. If you give it what it needs, you’ll be much happier.

Quit Addictions

Addictions can be to alcohol, recreational drugs, aspartame, caffeine, overeating chocolate, dexadrine, Ritalin, diet pills, including ginseng and ephedra (ma huang), dieting, OTCs and prescription drugs, extreme exercise, Oxocotin, Percocet, Vicodin, and other pain medications, refined carbs and sugar, tobacco, and vomiting (purging). You can also be addicted to a toxic relationship. Why would anyone want to stay addicted to anything? It’s not a fun place to be. Once your brain is healthy you’ll have a much easier time quitting addictions.

Supplement Your Diet

We live in a toxic soup so we need much more nutrition than ever before. It’s not possible to fight against toxic exposure just by eating food. We need to get personal with supplements, and get educated. Everyone needs certain staples like antioxidants, but others need specific support for a particular health issue. Learning about supplementation will help reverse and prevent accelerated aging.

Live a Detox Lifestyle

We live with apocalyptic toxic exposure with a government that is looking the other way as corporations continue to pollute with food, diet products, drugs, self-care, home care and other environmental toxins. It’s up to you to get educated on how to avoid toxic exposure and to live a detox lifestyle.

Flush, Rinse, and Nourish

Think of your body as an ocean. You can either treat it to the equivalent of an oil spill or you can flush and rinse it regularly with purified water, and nourish it with electrolytes and enzymes in green veggie juice and other therapeutic drinks.

Use Bioidentical Hormone Replacement If You Need It

Hormones are the chemical communication systems of our body. When they decline the body goes into accelerated aging. For the first time in the history of humans walking around on this planet we can replace our lost hormones in fairly exact ways. It’s the most exciting advancement!

Sleep Eight Hours a Night

Crucial to staving off aging and to realizing optimal quality of life. People brag about not sleeping, but if you watch how they age you won’t be that impressed. Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy body weight, to feeling happy, to being productive, to being sexy. There are ways to manage insomnia if that is your problem. It may be a journey but it is possible.

Practice Self-Compassion Meditation

Love thyself. It’s not selfish or self-indulgent. The Buddha taught that loving yourself was the way to learn to love others. Buddhism is not a religion, it’s a psychology, so you can practice meditation regardless of your religious beliefs. A few minutes a day of focused self‑compassion meditation can change your brain and make you happier person.

Exercise Regularly

It’s not what you think! Exercise does not have to be a stationary bike watching the “Today Show” waiting for it to be over. Exercise should be ways of moving your body that connects mind, body, and spirit.  Everyone is going to find ways to exercise that suits his or her particular tastes. 
Like I said, these are just the headlines. Finding your way to health is a personal journey, and these are just the markers along the way. Although I can’t go into greater detail in a short article, I will say that I believe that the human body desires health, and that with just a little help it can do miracles.
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health,
Accelerated Aging

Nancy Deville


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