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Real FoodMy healthy, sexy, happy program is not just for carefree single women. I have a lot of mom readers and I want to reach out to them so they can be healthier too. What do I know about being a mom? Nothing really, because you really can’t know what a person experiences unless you actually share the circumstances. I don’t have human children (my kids are my two dogs), but I see what moms go through. I wanted to write something for moms for Mother’s Day on getting healthier. I started by asking a couple of friends who are moms and they both suggested “healthy gifts.” I Googled “healthy Mother’s Day gifts” and found things like giving your mom a puppy (so she can take care of it?), or teeth whitening.

Instead of suggesting healthy gifts, I’m going to give you my perspective as a non-mom observer on what I think moms deserve on Mother’s Day and 365 days a year.
One common thing I see with moms is that they almost never put themselves first. But the problem with acquiescing to kid’s whims is that often moms do things that aren’t healthy for kids or moms. Some of the top offenders are:

  • Ordering pizza for dinner
  • Buying “kid food” and eating it yourself
  • Doing everyone’s laundry while they’re out having fun
  • Giving money to kids and depriving yourself
  • Being left alone while kids go off and do their thing

Ordering Pizza For Dinner

News at 11: Pizza is not food. Pizza is mostly highly refined GMO flour, and is made with free radical generating molecularly damaged fats (canola, corn, soy, safflower, sunflower and/or cottonseed oil), sugary tomato sauce, tortured animals, and other poisonous factory food substances.
Ordering pizza because that’s what your kids want for dinner may be tempting because it’s less work for you. But another approach would be to make dinner with your kids. Why do kids get to sit in front of the TV or their computers while you do all the work? And even if you do agree to cook, why not have them do the dishes? I did as a kid.
Teaching kids about real, whole, living food is the most beneficial gift you can give them, and yourself on Mother’s Day. When your family thrives on real food you will end up having more time on your hands because expensive, stressful shrink appointments will go away as your kids brains become healthier. Problems with acne, cavities and allergies/asthma will so improve that you’ll actually find yourself thrilled to be in the kitchen. And so will your kids. (Kids aren’t vain?)

Buying “Kid Food” and Eating it Yourself

Oy, oy, oy. I see moms in the market with really bizarre stuff in their carts. Most people think that “kid food” is appropriate for kids. In fact, in Dr. Phil’s book The Ultimate Weight Solution he urged his readers to “Begin today to reprogram your environment and set yourself up for success,” he went on to say, “Okay, I suspect that right now you’re thinking, ‘Well, that sounds fine and good, but there are foods I need to keep around for my kids. They aren’t fat. Why should they suffer?’” Dr. Phil suggests designating a “specific cabinet” in your kitchen for kid food such as “pizza, brownies, potato chips, and all the rest.” This is supposed to protect you from temptation but allow your kids to eat factory products. In other words, a major role model and bestselling psychologist tells us that not feeding kids poisonous substances would cause them to “suffer.” Have you ever noticed that these so-called kid foods are the most processed, chemicalized and sugar-laden foods on the market? Can you imagine feeding that stuff to your dog? I’ve heard many people say, “People food isn’t good for dogs!” Hmmm.
Kid food is not appropriate for kids, and worse, if you have it around, you will eat it. For Mother’s Day, while you have your family’s attention, why not announce that you’re going to get rid of all factory food products in your house and replace them with real, whole, living food.  

Doing Everyone’s Laundry While They’re Out Having Fun

Seriously? Where is it written that you have to do everything? I’m not just talking about laundry either. I’m truly astonished how the definition of “mom” has evolved into “slave” since I was a kid. I see women who look so run ragged and are overweight with dark circles under their eyes while their kids are fresh faced, giddy, and having the time of their lives. I’m not sure how being a slave translates to your kids turning out to be generous, giving, caring adults. Wouldn’t that start at home with the way kids learn to treat their mothers (and fathers)?
Kids have opposable thumbs and can learn how to fold laundry and do other chores around the house. Make a list of all the things that kids can pitch in doing. Then for you dear mother . . . mind clearing activities are so important to maintaining mind, body, spirit wellness. Anything from skiing, horseback riding, jogging, meditation, having sex, or any other activity that wipes your mind clean is essential to engage in on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be neat to raise kids who were aware of the fact that you had your daily mediation and were respectful of your time, and then wowed by your beatific face when you emerged from your sitting?

Giving Money to Kids and Depriving Yourself

Martyrdom is not attractive. It’s not inspiring either. It’s door-matty. And being a door-mat is only going to train your kids to be selfish and deprive you of seizing the day. Speaking of seizing the day, just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean that your days have to be a blur of drudgery and deprivation. If you’re on a budget all the categories are not kids, kids, kids. You need to designate some funds for yourself. You don’t have to save forever to have a decent spa experience. Just like nail salons proliferated allowing most women the affordable luxury of having a mani-pedi, massage spas are now cropping up too. I get an hour-long reflexology massage once a week for $30 plus a tip. Buy a decent bottle of wine to serve for dinner with your husband, partner, or BFF.
Make sure that your kids know that you’re spending money on yourself. Be a role model for a woman who takes care of her own needs. It’s healthy and it will translate to kids who have a healthy respect for women.

 Being Left Alone While Kids Go Off and Do Their Thing

Why are you sitting there in the car alone waiting for your kids to play sports or sitting at home watching TV while they’re out? No one wants kids to move less—we have enough problems with sedentary obese kids to want to do that. But why not drop the kids off and go on a hike while they are playing sports? Schedule sports time in for yourself like yoga classes or hiking or biking. When you think about taking your kids to play sports think of an opportunity for you to move your body.
And if your kids are at sleepovers or old enough to be out by themselves, go to a movie! Or do something fun. If you fall into a rut of thinking you’re too tired, you’ll miss out on night after night after night of your life.
This Mom’s Day, I really want to thank all the moms that have supported me and my message of healthy, sex, and happiness and wish you the most spectacular, pampered, appreciated day.
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health,
Real Food

Nancy Deville

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