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Accelerated AgingYesterday I received the final proofs for the Healthy, Sexy, Happy: A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You book jacket. It’s going to be a gorgeous cover. But just as I was slipping it into a FED EX envelope to express it to the printer with my OK I noticed a glaring error on the flap copy. Someone at the publisher had replaced my sentence: “How to achieve optimal body composition by never dieting again,” with “How to achieve optimal body composition by dieting.”

My blood ran cold. Never dieting again is one of the basic tenants of my healthy, sexy, happy program, and here I was almost going to promote dieting on the book jacket! I immediately called and emailed everyone I could think of at the publisher to make sure that the sentence was revised before the book jacket went to press.
Historically there have always been overweight and obese people, just not in the epidemic numbers we have today. But if you look at old paintings you’ll see fat people represented in every “civilized” culture and society.
Historically overweight people struggle with weight loss in exactly the same ways they struggle with it today: Withholding food until their brains—that are programmed for survival—went crazy demanding sustenance. Then came the bingeing and gaining more weight. Even though dieting has this historical evidence against it, dieting continues to be the method of choice for overweight people.  One modern and very deadly twist to restricting nutrition is that people are now dieting (restricting nutrition) on factory food products. In fact, Consumer Reports recently declared Jenny Craig the most effective weight loss product over Slim-Fast, Weight Watchers, The Zone, Ornish’s “Eat More/Weight less,” Atkins, and Nutrisystem. The award was given to Jenny Craig based on a two year study of 442 overweight and obese people. Ninety-two percent of these people lost an average of 16 pounds in two years.
That just doesn’t sound like that much to me. Is it better than losing and gaining weight? Yes, of course. But it’s not great that for two years these 442 people rigidly adhered to a diet of factory produced food made with highly refined GMO wheat and corn flour, preservatives, colored dyes, MSG, aspartame, really unhealthy (inflammation promoting) fats, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and so on. These and all people who eat a diet of factory food are guaranteed to suffer from any or all of the degenerative diseases of aging: heart, stroke, cancer, diabetes, as well as one or more of the 100 identified autoimmune conditions, allergies, asthma, migraines, and of course GI problems. So yay, they lost 16 pounds.
I’ve spent thousands of hours thinking about our obesity problem. My conclusion is that I don’t support dieting ever, even and especially if someone is obese. Dieting is doomed to fail and promotes accelerated aging. The very act of dieting—restricting nutrition to the point of starvation—is a time of danger and famine to your body and brain. Our bodies need nutrition for ongoing metabolic processes. Just because you are fat doesn’t mean that your internal systems are shut down. When you restrict nutrition you’re asking your body to rebuild, replenish, and maintain your body and brain with fat cells. When you restrict food, the fat in your cells is converted to energy (sugar) so you can function, but fat converted to sugar can’t be used to make cells, tissues, hormones and so on. It’s like taking your car into the shop to repair the engine but instead of replacing parts you pour gasoline all over the place. Dieting on factory food is code red emergency time to your body.
Remember the historically fat civilized people? Well, primitive people didn’t get fat. The reason is that they ate real, whole, living food, no sugar and tons of roughage. Everything I’ve learned and researched has led to the very simple solution of eating a balanced diet of real, whole living food. In time—depending on how much fat you need to lose—your body will shrink down to its optimal body weight. If you’re obese it may take a year or two to completely shrink down. I know that millions of people are frantically dieting right now to lose even a few pounds for summer. Waiting three months, six months, a year or two may not be what people want to hear because Americans are in love with the billion dollar lose-ten-pounds-a-week lie.
But let’s look at the bright side. Losing body fat by eating a balanced diet of real, whole living food is pleasurable, not painful. You won’t suffer. Your brain will become healthy and balanced and you’ll feel happier, more centered, you’ll feel like you’ve finally discovered who you really are. People will comment on how luminous you are and you’ll even see the occasional green spark of envy flickering in other’s eyes. If they only knew your secret!
The secret to a happy life begins with eating real food. It’s so very simple but yet so hard for so many people to grasp. I really do think that one reason is that it’s very difficult to come to terms with the fact that the government, the vast majority of medical doctors, and all of the so-called “health agencies” in our country are, in fact, not telling us the truth about the health and obesity hazards of factory food. The messages to eat small portions of these poisons (for example diet products) are keeping millions of Americans fat and on the way to a very awful ending.
There are people reading this who aren’t fat, but would like to shed five to ten pounds. One consideration is that you may be at your optimal body weight already. Another is that you’re doing something to keep your body from burning those fat cells as energy. Some possibilities are:

  1. You’re skipping meals, which tweaks your metabolism. Eat a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. You’re eating too many carbs for your metabolism. Carbs are fuel. You need some—and I’m not an advocate of Atkins.
  3. You’re eating refined carbs. Switch from white rice to brown rice, cold cereal to oatmeal, French fries to baked potato.
  4. You’re drinking too much coffee or using other stimulants that keep the brain in code red time. Quitting addictions can seem fattening in the short term but when your brain settles down, you’ll achieve optimal health and body composition.
  5. You’re drinking Diet Coke. Aspartame is clinically proven to fill up fat cells. Switch to water.
  6. Not sleeping enough hours. When you don’t sleep it is panic time to your body because your body needs those hours to repair. Get rest even if you have to trade off with a partner to care for a baby. Use strategies to find the hours you need to sleep.
  7. Not sleeping normal regular hours. You can go sleep deprived and then sleep on the weekend. You have to make up every hour. Begin now to sleep on a schedule.
  8. You’re under too much stress. Fat is an insurance policy to your body/brain. Deal with your stress.

We don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future when it comes to dieting. One outcome is that you diet again this summer and are fatter by the time the holiday binge season rolls around. Alternatively, you can stop eating all factory produced food and eat a balanced diet of real, whole living food and you’ll almost where you want to be by the holidays. And you won’t even feel like bingeing! 
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health,
Accelerated Aging

Nancy Deville

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