Holiday Temptations: It Doesn’t Have To Be A Free-For-All – Part II

Lifestyle ChoiceIn this section of the article, we will continue to discuss how to make the correct lifestyle choice to keep your holiday temptations and weight loss under control
Eat well before you go to a party
Going into a party starving is a sure way to binge. You’ll have a lot of strikes against you: the plentiful yummy sugary holiday foods, mulled wine, and fun mixed drinks, and the permission to pig out during the holidays that we just talked about. In addition to setting your intention, and thinking positive thoughts about yourself, you need to nourish your body and brain by eating a balanced diet of real, whole, living food every day. If you’re going to a party at night, eat a balanced breakfast and lunch. And then when you get to a party you just won’t have any interest in overeating or in even tasting sugar.

If you eat a balanced diet and only a few desserts and drinks the entire season, that’s normal eating. A good rule of thumb is one or two desserts a month. Splitting a dessert into little pieces over the entire week is even a better way. If I want a particular dessert, I take it home from an event, because I won’t eat sugar at night. Then I have a little taste of it the next morning after I’ve eaten eggs.
Learn to navigate party food
I’ve loved cultivating the habit of not always drinking at parties. Sometimes I’ll have a glass of wine but frequently I’ll stick with Pellegrino. Then I go home feeling virtuous and I feel so much better the next day than I would have if I had a glass of wine.
Even if you intend to have a drink, and remember intention is really powerful. Set your intention to start with bubbly water. We all arrive at destinations thirsty. So slake your thirst really well by having a few glasses of water.
If appetizers are being passed by a server than check them out and don’t just reach. If it’s all carb, pass it up. Try to get as many protein-based appetizers as you can, or veggies.
If there’s a table of food, get a plate of cut up veggies. Dips are most likely poisonous stuff from bottles. Cheese is a really good option. Skip the crackers. Totally empty nutrition, toxic, and fattening.
If the party begins with drinks and appetizers before a sit down dinner, then skip the alcohol and appetizers altogether and wait until dinner to have a glass of wine or a drink. Then eat some protein with your drink, and sip rather than gulp. Set your intention: I’m going to get through the entire dinner with one glass of wine.
Sleep enough to keep your “munchie” hormone from taking over
This season is busier than normal life. If you’re a cold area geographically you have all those challenges to deal with. No matter where you live, there is a lot going on. You want to monitor your sleep and make sure that you don’t get sleep deprived. If you constantly push past exhaustion, you’re likely to begin to eat more. It may seem that you need more fuel because you’re awake more hours, but in reality it’s really hormones that are dictating your hunger. Two hormones ghrelin and leptin work together in a checks and balance way to control hunger and fullness respectively. Ghrelin, which is made in your gut, stimulates appetite. Leptin, which is produced in fat cells, signals your brain to stop eating because your stomach is full. Sleep deprivation drives leptin levels down, confusing satiety. At the same time ghrelin rises, stimulating your appetite. If you are sleep deprived during the holidays you’re going to have hormones working against you.
Going into your kitchen and throwing away all factory food and restocking with real, whole, living food is the best gift you can give yourself. Eating real food is the way to shrink down to your optimal body weight without ever dieting again. If you adopt this gratifying and thrilling lifestyle, next year it won’t even occur to you to binge.
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