For The New Year, Don’t Resolve – Reframe

ReframeBy now you know my position on New Year’s Resolutions. They fail. Instead of bolstering your resolve, imagine going into the New Year with no resolutions, no pressure on yourself, no telling yourself what a loser you are. Because really, who needs any of that? Instead of making resolutions, try reframing whatever it is that you would have resolved to change. Let’s look at a list of New Year’s resolutions and how you can reframe them.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Exercise
  3. Quit addictions  
  4. Make major life changes  
  5. Get out of debt
  6. Be more organized
  7. Care more about others
  8. Pursue a new hobby
  9. Spend more time with family or friends
  10. Get more out of life

 Reframe weight loss: Instead of trying to lose weight, eat real food and see what happens. Don’t put any expectations on it. Clean out your refrigerator and pantry, and dump all of the factory food products into the garbage. Stock up on real food. Take a cooking class. Google local organic farms and plan outings to them with your kids, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your loved ones. Get into food and see how much fun it is to be “different.” (And you will be different if you eat only real food, trust me.) By spring, people are going to be telling you how amazing you look. You’ll be losing weight without dieting.
Reframe exercise: A construction worker lost 25 pounds by going up and down the stairs during the remodel of my Boston house. A man down the street lived on the fifth floor for 30 years. The condo association put in an elevator. He “got a pot belly” in three months. What does that tell you about exercise? Instead of joining another gym or buying another step machine that will become a clothes hanger, take the stairs, walk if you can get to your destination in 30 to 40 minutes. Find ways of moving around more. As you become fitter without really trying, you’ll start getting more excited about more structured forms of exercise.
Reframe quitting addictions: Some of the big ones are alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and caffeine. I smoked from ages fourteen to twenty-four, so I know what it’s like to kick an addiction. Part of the resolution is to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes and lie awake with nicotine insomnia so that you’re crazed for a cigarette the next day. Resolutions to quit addictions get a big build up, but the failure rate is high. Instead of focusing on quitting, focus on creating a healthy, solid brain and flooding it with happy neurotransmitters. Since the brain is 60 percent fat, you need to eat a diet of real, whole, living food, including healthy animal proteins (grass fed meat, poultry, eggs, and fish) and fats (organic butter, coconut oil, cod liver oil, whole dairy) to build your happy brain. Don’t think about quitting until you feel healthier and happier. Then quitting will evolve naturally.
Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II on Making Major Life Changes, Getting Out of Debt, and Being More Organized
Om Shanti!
Nancy Deville

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