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Accelerated AgingAt lunch the other day, while I was enjoying a plate of chicken with saffron risotto, a friend told me about his father’s ill health and attributed it, in part, to his early diet. He was poor as a young man and often, when scrounging for what he could afford to eat, would down a box of donuts for dinner. I could not help but think that there are a lot of people out there who love to eat a box of donuts for dinner who can actually afford to eat real food. Food madness has crept into life as normal behavior. This is just a sampling of the food craziness that accelerates aging:

Starving all day so you can stuff yourself at night  
Eating nothing but factory produced food
Gorging on diet food products
Eating sugar all day
Going extreme 

Starving all day so you can stuff yourself at night

This is generally thought of as “saving calories,” and it usually involves staving off hunger by smoking cigarettes and/or drinking coffee or Diet Coke then going to whatever event (an expensive dinner out, a wedding, Thanksgiving) and gorging until your stomach is overly full, your abdomen is distended, and you feel ill. This way of eating works well for boa constrictors, but humans were meant to eat three balanced meals a day so that our metabolic processes aren’t interrupted and can operate optimally.

Eating nothing but factory produced food

I jotted down some examples of a day of eating off the top of my head. I could have gotten insanely creative but I just want you to see how a “normal” day of factory food eating can usurp eating real food.
Breakfast: Commercially raised and processed coffee with powdered dairy creamer and aspartame. Sugary yogurt. Pop tart, donut, or dry toast with jam. Cold cereal with soymilk or 2% milk.
Snack: Something from the vending machine with instant coffee.
Lunch: Anything at a drive thru, hot dog from Costco, Subway sandwich, Hot Pockets.
Snack: Candy bar and Diet Coke.
Dinner: Pizza, KFC with that gummy looking gravy you see in TV ads, Hungry Man Chili, Mac n’ Cheese, salad of iceberg lettuce with bottled salad dressing.
TV snack: Chips, microwave popcorn, beer.
Major accelerated aging is all I have to say about the factory food diet.

Gorging on diet food products

Those 100-calorie cookies and snacks can turn into 1,000 calories and tons of carbs if you eat ten of them. People actually buy this stuff and then gorge on it thinking that it’s better than eating something “fattening.” Actually, a so-called fattening snack like cheese with some nuts with a small piece of fruit is going to be a lot more satisfying, will fill you up, and at the same time will supply building materials for the ongoing metabolic processes that are making you healthy, sexy, and happy. The worst offender in the diet world, of course, are diet drinks. Diet drinks with aspartame are clinically proven to make you fat. So if you’re downing them all day long in hopes of satiating your oral needs, you’re going to get fatter, sicker, and more depressed. If you want to know what I drink all day long: water.

Eating sugar all day

Like my friend’s father some people do eat boxes of donuts for dinner. Others just eat sugar all day unwittingly. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are easy to identify but some foods are exactly the same as sugar on the glycemic index (the measure of how fast a food is turned into sugar in your system). Refined starch, sugar, and beer all have the same glycemic index/insulin response. A bagel with nonfat cream cheese is all sugar as the fat is taken out of the cream cheese and replaced with sugar. Low- and non-fat products, such as yogurt, 2% milk, cottage cheese, and anything that has the fat stripped out of it is going to be filled with sugar—otherwise you could not choke it down it would taste so dull. Corn and potato chips, corn bread, pizza, bread, pretzels, and another other refined grain or starch are all sugar to your body.
It’s best to eat sugar after having a balanced meal, or at least eat sugar with a fat. Ice cream and cheesecake are examples of desserts you might want to have a bite of—not the entire tub or cake.

Going extreme

In reaction to the fear and dread of obesity, disease and depression, people are taking extreme measures to be healthy. They are going on extreme dietary programs eating nothing but raw veggie and fruits, going vegan, Atkins, lowfat/nonfat, low calorie, microbiotic. These or any other extreme approaches are counterproductive to optimal human health. The nutrition in some foods is unlocked by cooking. And some foods like many whole grains and nightshade veggies (potatoes, yams, eggplant) can’t be eaten raw. Eating too much fruit puts too much sugar into your system at one time. The vegan diet doesn’t support human physiology. Atkins is an imbalanced, acidic, carcinogenic way of eating. Lowfat deprives your body of the building supplies to make hormones, which are the chemical communication system of your body. Low calorie creates a time of famine in your body and causes your brain to go haywire. Microbiotic is too high carb unless you are an extreme athlete like Madonna.
Today we have a vast array of food at our disposal. I like to point out that we can eat food that kings and queens didn’t have access to in the past.  Rather than go to extremes with food madness eat a balanced diet of real, whole, living food.
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health,
Accelerated Aging

Nancy Deville

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