Cosmetics Do Not Make You Gorgeous, Veggie Juice Does

Veggie JuiceAdapted from Healthy, Sexy, Happy: A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a new aesthetician who says, “You have such gorgeous skin! What do you wash your face with?” I explain that I’ve washed my face, including removing eye-makeup, with soap and water my entire life. Then they’re horrified and vociferously try to sell me skin creams and eye creams. But wait a minute, didn’t you just say I have such gorgeous skin?

Pretty skin doesn’t come from face washes, toners, or skin creams. Bad skin can’t be hidden with makeup, and in fact, looks worse with thick goo piled onto it, pooling into and around the blemishes, wrinkles and bags.
Good skin is made from the bio-chemicals we are made out of: animal and plant foods. If you don’t eat theses real foods then your body doesn’t have the materials to make nice skin. Also, the construction of skin is directed by your endocrine system (hormones). You need fat to make hormones. Sex hormones can be imbalanced by eating factory food, including too much sugar, and using other stimulants, from taking birth control pills, or from stress and caffeine, or from age related sex hormone decline. Sex hormone imbalance can wreck havoc on your face with wrinkles, sags, bags, and acne.
Let’s focus on food. You need to eat fresh, clean, organic protein every day to have beautiful skin. Your skin needs healthy fats. I eat olive oil, butter, whole cream, whole milk, whole yogurt, avocado, red meat, chicken fat (the skin of organic chicken), eggs, nuts, and cheese. I consume therapeutic fats every morning, including coconut oil, primrose oil, cod liver oil and “Activator X,” also known as X Factor. It was discovered by Dr. Weston Price in his research on healthy primitive cultures. Activator X is the butter of grass grazing cows and is an “activator” or catalyst for mineral and fat-soluble-vitamin absorption.
All this is very good, but my SECRET WEAPON in my biochemical arsenal against aging skin is green veggie juice.
Of course you can eat mountains of vegetables every day if you have the time to cook them and the will to do all that chewing. But your body isn’t going to utilize all the nutrition no matter how many veggies you eat. The reason is that nutrients in veggies are locked behind hard cellular walls. There are three ways to access these nutrients. One is to chew your veggies to mush in your mouth, but no one ever does that. Second, you can cook them but that will destroy some of the nutritional value. The best way to get your veggie nutrition is to juice non-starchy veggies, which thoroughly breaks down the cellular walls.
Veggie juiceinfuses your system with antioxidants, which fight cancer by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals also happen to be extremely aging. Fewer free radicals, fewer wrinkles.
One very important reason to juice is that most people’s digestive systems begin to weaken by the time they reach forty and nutrients aren’t fully absorbed. Live liquid nutrients from juiced veggies contain enzymes aid in the digestive process so that your body absorbs more of these vital nutrients.
We live in an acidic world. Factory-food products, coffee, pharmaceuticals, sugar, secondhand smoke, fluoride in water, and all of the chemicals and other toxins we’re exposed to are acidic. The human body strives for a delicate pH balance. Normal metabolic processes, stress, toxins, acidic foods, beverages, and stimulants all make your body more acidic. In addition to providing your body with nutrients, drinking fresh juice helps maintain the homeostatic pH of your body.
Because many toxins are fat soluble, the heavier you are the more toxins you carry in your fat cells. Drinking juice causes these toxins to be released from cells back into your bloodstream where they are then eliminated. You may feel the effects of this blood toxicity the first few days you drink veggie juice with symptoms akin to a mild flu. After a few days, you will begin to experience an improvement in energy. From then on, you can see improvements in sleep, memory, concentration, vitality, skin and hair, some weight loss, fewer cravings for sugar, and, yes, less cellulite.
To make fresh juice you will need a juicer. Please buy the blender version even if you have to scrimp and save for it. The brand I use is the Vitamix 5200 and I bought it at a discount on the Costco website. If you get the type of juicer that squirts out pulp you’ll get so fed up cleaning up all that mess that you’ll be discouraged from blenderizing. The blender type is like a traditional blender only it has a very powerful motor so that the entire plant is pulverized. A regular blender can be used but it limits you to very soft veggies like mesculin salad and herbs. Still, if that’s all you can afford, then definitely go for it. Add enough water and you can drink it all down.
Select non-starchy veggies of your choice. As you try different combinations, you’ll find those that you prefer. If a certain veggie gives you a tummy ache, or you experience churning or gurgling in your GI tract, then either cut down on that veggie or try something else. The point is to enjoy the experience and to feel good all day as the result of flushing, rinsing, and nourishing your body with green juice. Avoid fruits in your juiced drinks, as fruit juice is pure sugar. Avoid carrots and beets, as they are high in sugar. Juice every part of the vegetable, including skins, rinds, seeds, and leafy tops.
It is ideal todrink your juice at room temperature within ten minutes after juicing. Some of the phytonutrients will oxidize and be lost after ten minutes. If you must store it, do so in a glass container in the freezer (leave room for expansion). Ideally you want to consume twelve servings of veggies per day in juice.
Drinking half of your weight in ounces of fluoride/chlorine free water every day, not smoking, hormone balance, protein (not soy!), healthy fats, 8 hours of sleep every night, avoiding sun exposure (avoid sunscreen on face whenever possible as it contains toxic chemicals), sweating (exercise), only moderate alcohol, AND VEGGIE JUICE = beautiful skin.
Peace, Fun, Love.
Your girlfriend in health,
Veggie Juice

Nancy Deville

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