Your Favorite Foods Can Turn Flab Into Fab

side-dish-food-recipe-for-beautiful-skinOkay, so we all have our food weaknesses, right? Whether you love greasy potato carbs or you can’t stay away from a breaded popcorn shrimp, there are luckily ways to enjoy your favorite foods- just by knowing the ‘skinny’ option from the ‘fat’ option. So now you can have your pasta and eat it too; just choose wisely!

Passing by the French Fries or chips can be near impossible at a party. The good news is – Potatoes ‘cooked skinny’ can continue to be your best friend. So cheer up and munch on:

  • Cooked fat: The famous Potato Salad, smothered with mayo and cheese, is overrated because it’ll add 471 calories to your day just like that
  • Cooked skinny: Instead, reach for the Roasted Potatoes. Douse them in garlic and herbs for only 193 calories


Shrimp is typically assumed to be a great pick, but this tiny swimmer could put you straight to the gym if you’re not careful.

  • Cooked fat: Shrimp Scampi, due to its usual generous amount of butter, has more calories than even bacon! Try 310 calories on for size – yikes!
  • Cooked skinny: Shrimp Cocktail is a yummy option and your best one at that. This way, the fish is boiled, weighing in at only 131 calories


Pasta is always a fan favorite but, with much of it being smothered in cheese or Alfredo (or both!), you could surely end up regretting this choice in no time:

  • Cooked fat: The healthier-sounding Pasta Primavera is a trap – don’t fall for it – This number will cost you a whopping 471 calories
  • Cooked skinny: Opt for a lighter choice by cooking with Marinara sauce instead – only 305 calories for this choice – That’s more than a 150 calories difference


Many believe Chicken to be a lighter meat than, say, a hamburger or pulled pork sandwich – But, if this baby is ‘cooked fat,’ it could even put a hotdog to shame:

  • Cooked fat: The pan-seared and breaded option of a Pecan-crusted Chicken has a  chart-topping 467 calories
  • Cooked skinny: Now to shed some light on this bird dish – Chicken can be light – if it’s grilled. Season the meat and throw it on the BBQ for only 168 calories


Feast on with no worries from here on out now that you know how to eat skinny!

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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