Top Treat Alternatives to Halloween Candy

With the “in your face” display cases at all the stores, it’s easy just to grab bags of candy. (Of course, you include your personal favorites, telling yourself it’s really for the kids!) The best way to prevent weight gain over the holiday season, and do best by the kids, is to intervene now by offering healthier and non-food alternatives to traditional candy.

Halloween Candy Alternatives:

  • Temporary Tattoos*
  • Stickers*
  • Single serving bags of popcorn, pretzels, or trail mix
  • Packs of sugarless gum
  • Super balls*
  • Pencils*
  • Erasers*
  • Mini bottles of bubbles*

* Online novelty shops sell cute Halloween items cheaply in bulk.

Don’t worry about getting flack for the non-food treats. With the increasing incidence of childhood obesity and diabetes, as well as food allergies, parents will appreciate the alternatives, and kids get excited about the deviation from the traditional Halloween candy choices.

Tina Marinaccio MS RD CPT, Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Health Dynamics LLC


About the Author: Tina Marinaccio is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer helping people to improve health and quality of life through long term lifestyle changes

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