Super Food Recipe: Chicken Wrap

exps24900_LT10591D34BThis amazing chicken wrap recipe contains a number of super foods, including garbanzo beans, avocado, and cilantro.

Chicken Wrap


1 romaine heart lettuce, chopped
2 oz of fresh garbanzo beans (if they are canned, make sure you wash them well)
1 tomato, cubed
1 red pepper julienne
1 green pepper julienne
1/2 avocado, cubed
2 oz of toasted almonds, crumbled
*you can add any other ingredient you like to these recipe.

1 Chicken breast with salt and pepper to taste

¼ cup rice vinegar
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
1 shallot, minced
¼ cup sliced cilantro leaves
1 small spoon of mustard


In a bowl, pour the rice vinegar, shallots and cilantro leaves. Using a whisk stir the mixture while drizzling the olive oil a little at a time. In another bowl, mix all salad ingredients.

Place a pan on the stove at medium-high heat with enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan; wait until it is smoking hot and sear the chicken breast on one side until golden brown (2 minutes); then turn it around and cook all the way through. Take it out the pan, cube it and place it on the bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Pour some of the dressing in the bowl, mix gently with your hands, place everything on a warm whole wheat tortilla and roll it into a wrap. Buen provecho!

Ronny Abenhaim, Owner/Chef, Lena Latin Grill

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