Lose Weight Eating the Right Foods

Women preparing spaghetti, canon 1Ds mark III Weight from the Inside, Out

The key to losing weight, and keeping it off, is doing it from the inside of your body, not the outside. Meaning, fad diets and fat free foods may temporarily make you look, and feel lighter, but rarely create a change deep enough in your system to be truly considered successful, or worthwhile for that matter.

So what can you EAT to create your IDEAL YOU?

Cooked Vegetables: Cooked vegetables, especially greens, give your body strength and stamina, thus, mitigating sugar cravings.

Salmon: Not only a source of protein, salmon is rich in omegas, which have been shown to increase metabolism in women.

Organic Beef: In order to reduce the ‘soft fatty’ feeling, you need a source of animal protein. Think, meat breeds meat. Organic, lower cuts of beef in moderation will facilitate this.

Olive Oil: Gets the entire system moving, from digestion to metabolism.

Cut the Fruit: The body does not need that much fruit, especially as it matures. Keep it to berries and cantaloupe when you are having a craving.

Other than that – smile! The “you” you want is inside of you, you just need to find it!

— Lauren Imparato, Founder & CEO, I.AM.YOU.  www.iamyoustudio.com

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