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Eating healthy is very important and eating organically has so many health benefits it’s ridiculous and this week we have a guest writer that gives a testament to why eating organically is so important.

Organic Truth: Beyond the Plate

More and more supermarkets are selling organic fruits, veggies, and meats. But why the sudden increase in interest? Does eating organic really make a difference?

Yes – in the short term AND over time.

While critics say that non-organic food is “safe for human consumption”, it may not be good for human consumption. The buildup of pesticides and preservatives, even after you wash and scrub your food, can increase damage to your stomach if you already have some – and most of us do. That’s why many people with health problems such as cancer (which can be caused by a buildup of synthetic pesticides according to the Mayo Clinic) and leaky gut are recommended to eat organics – to decrease damage to their various bodily systems and sometimes even heal them.

Fruits and veggies also retain more of their nutrients, including multiple vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, if they are not sprayed with synthetic pesticides and preservatives. Not only are the plants sprayed, but some seeds themselves are treated with pesticides, which means that the pesticides are already inside the fruit or vegetable when it’s growing. In recent years, this has been causing insects to die off, some in large quantities, through pollen from pesticide-treated seeds entering the bugs’ systems. Honey bees, for example, have been suffering from colony collapse disorder (CCD), and as a result, their numbers are dwindling.

Hormones added to meat can especially affect anybody with imbalanced hormones, something that many people either don’t get checked out or just use pills to balance.  And if the animal was being given any kind of medication during its life, you’ll be ingesting some of that, too. This is especially common because animals are often kept in unsanitary, cramped spaces, so they are constantly fed antibiotics to prevent disease.

The answer to why you should eat organic is clearer as a question: how can ingesting synthetic, man-made (and man-added) products that you would eat directly be good for you? If you wouldn’t eat or drink it on its own, you shouldn’t ingest it.

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About The Author:  Christie Stratos is a two-time award winning author who enjoys discovering new ways to eat clean without depriving herself of the foods she loves most. She has dedicated herself to creating new and exciting recipes for others, and will be publishing a clean eating recipe book.

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