Is “Going Vegan” Really the Answer?

With multiple sources throwing information our way about strict vegan diets promising a healthy lifestyle, much of the population is giving it a try, but is it right for you?

There are many benefits of going vegan, but there is one benefit, though, that has women putting down even their beloved ice-cream; weight loss. It is estimated that the average weight of a person with a vegan diet will weigh 15% less than that of someone who eats meat. That 15% translates to 20-25 pounds!

Although this possible weight loss is extremely tempting, women must first become educated on going vegan. All food consisting of anything that came from an animal must be cut out. This means all dairy products and, the easily forgotten, food that is cooked with dairy, such as cookies. You also must be aware of what your bodies will end up lacking, such as protein. In a vegan diet, protein can be obtained through soy or tofu.  Another area of deficiency will be your vitamin D and calcium, which we would usually get from eggs, meat, fish, or dairy. These essentials, in a vegan diet, can be replaced with fortified cereals, walnuts, and flax-seed.

So when you decide that you are willing to try anything to lose that extra 20 pounds, be sure to educate yourself about the benefits and the possible deficiencies that such a dramatic diet change, such as going vegan, could bring.

If you have any tips or recipes for “eating vegan,” please share them with us

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Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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