Have Your Easter Eggs and Get Healthy Too!

Women's Health AdviceEGG WHITES?  Much has been written about women's health advice and the importance of nutrition, especially as related to menopause information, anti-aging tips and skin care, and osteoporosis.

Look no further than the refrigerator and the lowly egg white for no cholesterol, no fat, high protein egg whites.  Egg whites contain up to 15% protein, which actually is a total of 40 different proteins all supporting anti-aging skin care, alleviating menopause symptoms, and strong bones (osteoporosis).

Egg White's Anti Aging Benefits

  • The protein ovalbumin represents 54% of all the protein in an egg white
  • The enzyme Lysozyme found in egg whites digests bacterial cell walls
  • The enzyme Avidin found in egg whites binds vitamins
  • Egg whites were used in mid-evil medicine to treat wounds and broken bones
  • Eating raw egg whites can cause a biotin deficiency
  • The physical stress of beating an egg white is called denaturization, which negatively impacts how proteins bind to amino acids
  • Copper bowls have been used in France since the 18th century to stabilize egg foams.  The copper bowl creates a tighter bond between nutrients.


Women’s health advice for years starts with good nutrition.  Many books on hormone balance and other sources of menopause information recommend products high in protein, low in cholesterol and fat as the foundation for menopause relief.  Women’s health books on diet, weight loss, and energy also recommend food sources with the same properties.  Egg whites meet the nutrition guidelines for all the major elements critical to women’s health.

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