Eating Healthy for the Big Picture

When trying to shed pounds are you looking at the bigger picture?  Or the tiny dress hanging in your closet you’d like to squeeze into for your niece’s wedding next month?  For weight loss goals that last, try approaching your plan as a lifestyle, rather than a temporary solution.

Use the following tips to help you create healthy habits that will have you looking thin for good.

Make One Change at a Time

When making healthy habit changes, it is best to choose just one thing to do at a time. Yes, make a list of the goals you have and steps you will need to make to reach those goals, but don’t try to do all of them at the same time! It is easiest to work with one healthy change, like add one glass of water per day until you are drinking 8 glasses per day; or Add a serving of green vegetables to lunch and dinner; or eat your vegetables first! There are many options you may choose, but best is to do them slowly so they DO become a regular habit. Choose too many and it is overwhelming and you might succeed, but probably not much longer than a week or two. So, just pick ONE!

Joanna Chodorowska, Personal Nutrition Coach, Nutrition in Motion

Think Before You Eat

Before digging into an unhealthy snack or meal, I ask myself: Am I really hungry? or just bored? tired? or thirsty? Is it worth it? Is it so delicious to be worth the calories? Half of the time I find myself putting it back, just having a little taste or finding a better option. Never eat from the package! Measure all the snacks, find out the serving size/calories and eat one portion or half (depending on calories). I try to keep snacks under 150 calories, other than that, I don’t count calories.

Be more active!

You don’t need much to see the benefits. I started walking or running at least 2 times a week for 30 minutes, most of the time pushing my baby’s stroller. It’s a great stress reliever!

Alma Steger, CEO, Untitled Advertising & Public Relations

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