Eating Healthy and Sexy?

I've been asking women's health experts to share their best healthy living tips and style experts to share their tips for staying sexy over 40.

So, I was really excited when Lisa C. Cohn of Park Avenue Nutrition & Spa sent her health advice that also had a twist of "sexy"! See what she has to say about eating to stay healthy and stay sexy:


Keep Cool

With hormone levels changing, hot flashes and excitatory stress hormones can be in full bloom. Keep cool in mind and body with adequate hydration. Water with lemon slice,orange slice, honeydew melon or cucumber slices are great!

Go Green ..and Leafy

Tame hormones and promote healthy reproductive organs (especially if you have fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome or menopausal symptoms of acne and bloating) with fresh leafy green vegetables which naturally support and cleanse the liver where hormones are produced. Try steamed kale, collards or cabbage and toss with olive oil and cracked pepper. Never cook in the oil as this is bad news for digestion. Chooses salads with greens with a bite such as arugula and watercress they help with metabolism and digestion – no bloating.

Stay Sweet Inside

As hormones change, middle weight tends to build up and it's harder to keep a shapely figure. Sugar cravings can promote weight gain – especially in the upper belly area so avoid processed sugars, cakes, and candies in quantity. Choose naturally sweet, but low in sugar (natural and added) treats. such as berries, cantaloupe melon, kiwi, naval oranges, grapefruit and add spices such as cinnamon and fresh herbs such cilantro with lime or ginger.

Eat to Keep Your Scent of Attraction

As body shapes change and we feel that youth is slipping us by… you can actually choose foods that produce natural pheromones – the chemicals for attraction – one to choose is asparagus – have it steamed with fresh lemon and drizzle of cold pressed organic olive oil or roasted in oven with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese and drizzle of olive oil – make into a soup as fresh or by steaming and puree with cracked pepper and drizzle of olive oil on top.

A big thanks to Lisa C. Cohn, MMSc, MED, RD of Park Avenue Nutrition & Spa in New York City for these tips!

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