Could Country Cooking Be The Way To Go?

Eating Healthy FoodsWe spend the majority of our days watching our weight so that when we go on vacation we can indulge without the guilt. Whether it is a trip to the Bahamas, a ski weekend in Maine or just to visit Grandma Pearl; we delude ourselves into thinking that if we starve ourselves and stick to healthy eating guidelines before we go, we can forget all those healthy eating tips and indulge guilt free. Have you ever noticed, however, that the results of this experiment vary considerably based on the nature of your vacation? Or that the best results are linked to the down home country cooking of our relatives? 

It would seem that the discipline of eating healthy food is linked less to the latest fad diet and more to the sensible eating habits of our country cousins. In the heartland where farming is an industry and gardens are more commonplace, people are more accustomed to eating healthy foods because it is their way of life. They grow their own produce, pick fruit off their trees and limit their grocery list to the main necessities of meat, milk and bread. It would seem that when we visit this little slice of heaven we accidently follow the healthy eating guidelines we search for all year long.

Country cooking guidelines to eating healthy food

Stick to simple recipes. Set aside the rules of portion control used for more complex culinary delights and just opt for simpler fare instead. A modest serving of meat, with a side of potatoes, salad and a variety of green, yellow and orange vegetables is surprisingly filling and calorie conscious.

  • Redefine dessert and snacks. Fresh fruits especially berries are a wonderful source of antioxidants and can satisfy your sweet cravings as well.
  • Stay lean. No need to forego all of your favorite foods and recipes, try instead substituting lean meats and avoid the fatty calorie laden sauces.
  • Limit the refined grains. White bread and refined pasta add unnecessary calories without the fiber, vitamins and minerals of their wheat counterpart. Substitute the whole grain varieties to increase you daily fiber and reduce your calories.
  • Eat fresh. A lot is said about what processed foods we can and cannot eat. Avoid all the hassle and heartache by sticking to fresh foods. Instead of the latest and greatest fad, fill yourself up with light fruits and vegetables for a healthier lifestyle as well as waistline.


Eating healthy food can be all you need to get you back on track. Just throw out all of your preconceived notions that weight control and weight loss adhere to some magical equation. Get back to the basics instead and work on increasing the amounts of dark leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables on your plate to satisfy your appetite. By eating healthy food throughout the day you stave off hunger, reduce your caloric intake, boost your immune system and manage your weight without all that fuss.

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