Be Sneaky for a Slim Body

Have you found yourself eating out a lot this holiday season? Are you meeting at restaurants with family and friends? Or grabbing meals at the mall while you’re shopping? Dining out can be hard on our hips. Most establishments offer healthy choices, but sometimes we need to go a step further to make sure we are sticking to our healthy eating habits.

Our expert contributors tell us to go ahead and be sneaky! We should do what it takes to maintain our slim body. Try using the following method at your next dinner party or restaurant meal!

Be Sneaky to Look Good!

If you are going to be eating dinner with a large group, then before everyone sits down at the table – sneak into the kitchen, find the cutlery drawer, and sneak out a couple of large spoons (soup spoon size). Now go sneak them next to your plate at the dinner table.

When everyone sits for dinner, feel free to have 1 glass of wine poured for yourself but make sure that water glass is filled. When the food is passed around, it’s time for those large spoons. Instead of helping yourself with the serving spoon, use the table spoon you hid to serve yourself. Serving spoons can sometimes hold as much as 1/2 a cup of food.  Portion control is the key here.

Don’t deny yourself anything.  Make sure you help yourself to everything that passes your plate, but use those spoons – 1 SCOOP only.

When it comes to seconds, help yourself to as much turkey as you wish and accompany it with more salad.  But, that’s it! No more potatoes, yams, peas, corn, bread, you had your serving already.

Remember to use portion control when it comes time for dessert too.  Take that piece of Pumpkin Pie, but maybe ask for a half of slice instead.

Chady Dunmore, Fitness Celebrity, Chady Dunmore

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