A Rose by Any Other Name

Easy Delicious DessertsThere are a few times during the year that we all get to fall off the wagon and indulge. We try so hard every day of our lives to eat healthy, get our exercise and make sensible life choices; it can be exhausting. It’s no wonder we look forward to those few days a year we get a free pass. For example, each year on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, if it is our pleasure, we embrace our inner chocoholic. Candied roses, heart shaped boxes, chocolate covered strawberries, whatever your pleasure there is so much to choose from.

4 Healthy Dessert Options

This Valentine’s season, however, here are a few easy delicious desserts that bridge the gap between that secret sweet tooth and your commitment to healthy living.

  1. Strawberry Roses – One convenient way to create easy delicious deserts is a healthy candied roses recipe that starts with a fruit base. On individual desert plates, arrange 3-4 strawberries in a rose like cluster and drizzle with chocolate sauce.
  2. Peaches & CreamTry this old favorite with an au natural spin. In a shallow desert bowl, pit and slice one fresh peach; then top it off with a dollop of light whipped cream. Or for easy delicious desserts that are a little more decadent try a small scoop of light vanilla ice cream with a slight drizzle of caramel for those occasions when a little decadence is what the doctor ordered.
  3. Vanilla Cantaloupe Bowls – These easy delicious desserts use the cantaloupe as its own serving dish! Just slice and scoop out the cantaloupe seeds leaving the natural bowl free for a little something sweet. Use your favorite vanilla desert, preferably light vanilla ice cream for a flavor blend that is sure to become a Valentine’s Day favorite.
  4. Sweet Fruit Plate – Take a few of your favorite finger fruits, for example grapes, strawberries and sliced apples and arrange decoratively on desert plates and add a dash of sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you are a chocoholic, try drizzling a little chocolate sauce, if caramel is more your thing a little caramel or even butterscotch topping might delight your taste buds; and if you like the simpler things in life, maybe just a little powdered sugar to create these easy delicious desserts.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or you’re just looking for easy delicious desserts that work with your healthy lifestyle; these recipes can satisfy your desert cravings while also providing you with your daily servings of the fruits you need to continue leading a healthy and happy life.

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