6 Healthy Eating Guidelines

As we prepare for the celebration that accompanies the month December, let us not forget all the hard work we put into maintaining a healthy weight through the other 11 months of the year. It is possible to indulge in the holiday season without gaining weight.

Our experts have provided us with 6 healthy eating guidelines to help us get through all the holiday parties without increasing our waistline.

Declaring War on Weight Loss

Tip 1: Have a battle plan. Don’t just coast through a gathering or even the whole season without thinking about your health. Plan how you’re going to maintain your fitness routine when your schedule goes nuts, and how you’ll deal with the temptations you’re sure to face. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Tip 2: Less is more. Studies show we get the most pleasure from the first bite of food. Each bite after is less rewarding. So just sample the goodies, get the enjoyment without the full serving of calories.

Lisa Anniston, Research Director, aProvenProduct 

Hydrate and Portion Control

Tip 3: You should never deprive yourself of food because it will only lead you to possibly gorging later. And as fun as a food comma sounds, you will ultimately regret it later on. So what to do when you see all this fun food that is not available during the rest of the year? Approach it the way you would approach all your meals.

Tip 4: Drink water first. Thirty minutes prior your meal have at least 8 oz of water. This will give you valuable hydration and allow you to go into the meal with a little clearer idea about how hungry you actually are. When picking your food, really start to listen to yourself to what you want then take a little of each.

Tip 5: Eat slowly and and enjoy all this yummy food and continually asses your level of fullness. After any meal you should feel clear headed and energetic and you should not be bloated, gassy, or tired. If you you are, you probably ate too much and/or have some sort of food allergy/intolerance.

Remember that just because it is on your pate or table is not a requirement for you to finish it off. No matter what time of the year keep in mind your health and fitness goals. Happy Healthy Holidays.

Ekemba Sooh, Owner and Founder, SolCore Fitness 

The Plate Method

Tip 6: Use the Plate Method. Following this method will ensure you do not overindulge and keep your portions under control, while still enjoying the foods you want. First, take your plate and divide it into half by drawing a line down the middle. Then on the other side, divide it into another half, so now you have 3 sections on your plate. Fill the largest portion of your plate will non-starchy vegetables til your heart’s content. Next, use one of the small sections for starchy foods such as breads, rice, beans, etc. Now use the other small section to fill with a meat or protein item. Finally, add a side of a 1/2 cup fruit or an 8oz glass of low fat milk. Drink plenty of water or non caloric beverages and you will have enjoyed the meal of your choice while feeling full.

Dwayne Adams, RN, MS, L.I.T.E. Therapeutics, Inc. 

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