4 Ways To Trick Your Own Taste Buds

Pixmac000076785891Do you wish you could fulfill all of your food cravings like potato chips, ice-cream, and those summertime BBQ party burgers? Well, now you can! With these surprise tricks, you’ll be able to keep that bikini bod and enjoy the food at the get-togethers too!

Fried Chicken:  Craving this? Try adding 2 tsp. of natural cocoa powder to the recipe. You won’t taste it, but it will block the fat and carbohydrates.

Steak:  Wanting a juicy hunk of meat but not the calories? Have a glass of red wine with it to block the cholesterol-forming compounds.

Salty Snacks:  If you can’t resist those pretzels or chips, take a walk after or go for a bike ride. Small amounts of exercise like this will keep your blood pressure from soaring from all that sodium.

Carbs:  Do you love that bread and pasta? Drink some OJ. Orange juice reduces carbs-induced inflammation that can cause stroke and heart attack.

Next time you just simply can’t resist, use one of these tricks to fool your own body!

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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