Yoga for Older Women

Pixmac00008441826815 million people in the U.S. know and enjoy the benefits spiritually, mentally, and physically, of the practice of yoga. And while according to only 18.4% of practitioners are 55 or older, there appear to be aspects of yoga that can be particularly beneficial to older, more mature practitioners. According to, researchers are taking a closer look at how yoga can help combat some of the physical issues associated with aging such as reduced joint flexibility, increased body fat and decreased lean body tissue, and stress-related symptoms. Are you a mature woman thinking about beginning yoga? WebMd suggests you answer a couple of questions before beginning a yoga program:

  1. Why are you considering starting the program? Is it strictly for the physical benefits or to explore the mind-body connection?
  2. What’s your physical shape? Injuries? Arthritis? There are many forms of yoga, some more physically challenging than others. It’s important to choose the right type of yoga.
  3. Would you like the focus to be more meditative and spiritual than physical? Certain types of yoga focus more on meditation and the philosophical aspect of yoga.

There are many types of yoga, and it’s important to know the differences. Some positions are not a good idea for those who suffer certain conditions such as osteoporosis or glaucoma. Some are much more challenging physically than others. WebMd also suggests getting to know the teacher. Yoga teachers all have their own styles and focus, and having a connection with the teacher makes continuing to go to class much more likely. And lastly, as with any exercise program, a trip to the doctor before beginning is absolutely recommended.

Tricia Doane, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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