Why Short Bursts of High Intensity Cardio are Best

Exercise is an important part of every woman’s life, but so few of us can find the time or energy to include it in our daily routine. Turns out, our lack of time is no excuse at all. Learn why short bursts of exercise may be more beneficial than longer sessions. How easy will it be for you to fit 10 minutes of high intensity cardio into your day?

Up the Ante with High Intensity Cardio

The more intense the workout, the more testosterone and growth hormones you produce – two important hormones needed to burn fat and add lean muscle. Short, high intensity exercise activates your fast twitch anaerobic muscle fibers, which in turn releases more testosterone and growth hormones.

The fact that most people seem to have less and less time to exercise, the benefits of a short 5-10 minute workout could make it easier for those people who have a limited amount of time to train. The other big plus about short, intense workouts is that so many people are also dealing with fatigue, fibromyalgia and adrenal exhaustion, so shorter workouts will help keep from over-stressing the body.

Dr. Len Lopez, President, Work Horse Fitness

How can you add 10 minutes of high intensity cardio into your day?

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