Top 3 Anti-Aging Exercises

Healthy Living TipAs we age, it’s more and more important to learn how to keep ourselves healthy.  So, with that in mind, we polled the professionals on their best healthy living tip and received some tremendous feedback.
These tips come to us from Suzanne Andrews – Host of Functional Fitness starring Suzanne Andrews ® on Public Television – President To find out where Suzanne's show broadcasts in your area, you can email the station here .

So, here you are, The Top 3 Anti-Aging Exercises


Safety first. Keep one hand on the countertop or back of a chair if you need help to maintain your balance. If not, raise your arms out front to shoulder level  as you go down and drop them as you come up. Keep your back straight, chin up and stick your butt out as you bend your knees and lower your torso. Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the floor. If you’re not able to go that low, just do what you can, keep repeating and you WILL get there. Start out with five repetitions and do three sets. Rest 10 seconds between sets. Work your way up to 15 repetitions and 4-5 sets. Is your purse heavy? Use it or a phone book as an extra weight when you feel yourself getting stronger.

Why do squats? You need squats if you ever want to leave your desk, climb stairs, get in and out of cars, chase kids or use a toilet.


If you are fit enough to run or jog, continue to do so. If not, get up and go for a walk. Now, I don’t mean a gentle stroll to take in the evening air. I mean a power walk. Get your breathing up, take big steps at a brisk pace and swing your arms. Some controllable hand weights would be a good idea too. Wear good fitting, comfortable shoes.  Start around the block, then around the neighborhood and then just keep walking around. Your body loves oxygen. The more you take in the healthier you get. Your heart is a muscle. When you put it to work it gets larger and stronger just like a bicep when lifting weights. This makes it pump more blood that’s full of oxygen through your body even when you are at rest. Sweat releases toxins from the body and acts as a natural coolant.  A big glass of cool water before and after a walk helps to keep you properly hydrated.

Why walk? Every person over 90 is always asked, Howdo you do it? And every person over 90 responds, I kept moving, kept working and didn’t smoke and drink myself into oblivion. That’s it. Your body is a biological machine. If you let it sit around for years unused and then try to start it up it’s going to cough, wheeze, sputter and come to grinding halt. But if you work it, maintain it, nourish it with premium fuels, it will stand the test of time.


Begin standing with feet together and take a long step forward and lower into a fencers lunge position with hands on your hips. Check to make sure your knee does not travel past the toes. Push back to a standing position and alternate legs. Do each leg for 5 repetitions, 3 sets resting 10 seconds between sets. For real fun you can take a big step back and do them that way. Holding weights in each hand will increase leg strength and assist with balance.

Why do Lunges? Doing lunges activates every muscle from your lower back and abs all the way down to your feet.  The more you do, the stronger your legs will get for better balance. Why is this important? The number one cause of injuries for seniors over 65 is falls and we begin to lose our balance at the age of 40, causing 1.8 million injuries and nearly 20,000 deaths every year. So keep doing your lunges and you are more likely to keep your balance.


Before you make the financial commitment to a gym or health club, try these anti-aging exercises and start getting healthy today!

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