Strengthen Your Arms and Your Spirit!

As we head into the summer months it is time to throw on our tank tops and sun dresses.  Our guest author, Ellie Peterson, inspires us to be both strong and confident with her meditative movements.  Learn how to affirm your emotional strength while building your physical strength.

Are you aware that you can strengthen your body and your mind while freeing your being all at the same time? Having strong arms makes your daily tasks easy and it is fun to enjoy wearing sleeveless tops. Feeling your inner strength and confidence is critical for happy living. This new workout technique allows you to affirm yourself and move your body so that you feel happier, healthier and whole.

I Am Strong Arm Movement

I-Am-StrongStanding with your feet shoulder level apart with arms in front of your body, slowly perform a forward curl by bending your arms at the elbow. If you are not using weights, then clench your fists as you perform the curl.

Slowly return your arm to its extended position. Now focus on your breathing. As you lift your arms into the curl, exhale. As you return to the balanced state, inhale.

Add the affirmation “I am strong” or choose your own affirmation as you perform the upward curl. Inhale as you return to the balanced state.

Recommend repeating the movements with the affirmations about eight times.

Ellie Peterson, Inspirer, Meditative Movements


About the Author:  As a health and wellness innovator, Ellie teaches people how they can live happier and healthier lives. She has created an empowering exercise program that offers a unique solution to the difficult task of personal change. You can easily learn how to apply these transforming movements to your everyday life so you feel strong, confident and whole.

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