Stay Fit Without Really Exercising

I used to hate when I'd hear, "You should exercise at least three times a week!"

Until recently, the word "exercise" made me think of sweating uncomfortably in front of a fitness DVD that I couldn't quite keep up with, or mustering up the will power to dust off my treadmill and walk in place for an hour.

But, our AlwaysNewYou experts have shed some new light on exercise with these great tips for staying in shape. Here are two great tips from our experts on staying active, keeping your body fit, and maintaining your goal weight without dreadful "exercises":

Move it through midlife and beyond!

30 – 60 minutes of stretching and toning moves that you enjoy doing at least 3 times a week, with a dash of cardio thrown in, will keep you radiant from 40 to 100. Exercise keeps body and mind young and healthy, and spirits high. When you're healthy and happy you ARE beautiful and sexy.

Movement is a youth elixir. Mix-up this healing potion so you don't get bored. Have fun. Experiment. Some movement practices to explore: all kinds of yoga; Pilates, both mat class and on the equipment; dance, from belly to ballroom; get outdoors and hike or swim, or take up tennis or golf.

–Tannis Kobrinsky, Health

Create Your Own Yoga

You know you should be doing it, not only because everyone is doing it, but because you know it's healthy for you and will make you shine from the inside out. But maybe you don't have the time to attend a yoga class half-way across town during your lunch break, so what can you do? Create your own yoga poses as you move about your regular daily routine!
Even if you've never taken a yoga class before, you probably already know the fundamentals of a helpful and safe asana (pose):
1. Only do what feels good for your body (No pain, no gain!);
2. Focus on lengthening the spine, breathing deeply through your nose, and relaxing the shoulders back and down (even when you're lifting your arms up);
3. Inhale as you arch back, open up and expand in poses and exhale as you bend forward and contract.
No matter what your day consists of, whether it be working in an office or shuffling kids to play dates, you can find ways to implement these rules (without looking silly) into creating yoga stretches as you move about. At the playground? Stretch up toward the sky as you inhale and put your child on the jungle gym, and exhale as you bend forward and touch the ground. Or inhale as you stand up from your desk and exhale as you twist and look over your shoulder.
It's as simple as looking for opportunities to stretch and feel good. How many poses can you come up with? Challenge yourself to incorporate yogic movements into your everyday life and reap the rewards of a yogic lifestyle on the go.

Looking for more ways to avoid exercising, but still stay healthy and fit? Take a look at these three tips we labeled "No Exercise Exercises" for fun, easy ways to stay active and in shape!

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