Prevent Accidents by Strengthening Your Core

The best way to prevent accidents as we age is to build a strong core muscle group NOW! Your core muscles are the muscle group from your shoulders to your hips – encompassing all of the abdominals that wrap entirely around your body. Most people think of their abs as being in the front – the “6 pack” but to have good abs you must begin with good back muscle exercises.

The best core exercises ever designed are the Pilates exercises started by Joseph Pilates to prevent ballet dancers from injury.They are mostly very simple exercises utilizing equipment that is unexpensive and can be bought anywhere. There are more complicated pilates exercises so as you advance beyond a beginner find your local pilates studio and speak with an instructor.

My advice would be to buy a beginner pilates DVD and go from there.

Mary Ellen Ciganovich, author, Healing Words, Life Lessons to Inspire


About the Author: Mary Ellen Ciganovich is an educator,inspirational speaker and writer with tge R. E. A. L. Health organization out of Ooltewzh, TN. You can learn more about her at or visit her on facebook – Mary Ellen Ciganovich

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