Motivation to Exercise

Exercise is a vital part of our lives. Yet, so many of us dread the thought of dragging ourselves to the gym.

And who can blame us?

Like I want to be on a treadmill next to a twenty-something, bump-it-wearing, spandex-sporting, make-up-clad… well, I’m sure she’s a very nice young woman.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Exercise can be enjoyable. It’s true! You don’t believe me? Check out the following at home exercise advice from our panel of experts to see just how fun exercise can be. Using these tips, you will find yourself moving in no time!

It Doesn’t Have to Feel Like Exercise

I always suggest that you do something that you won’t even view as exercise on a regular basis. For instance: I try to dance to 3 songs that I love straight through every day?, because I know that’s at least 10 min of exercise, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! This is also something women can do as winter rolls around and they may not be able to get outside as often as they’d like.

Shilonda Downing

3 Fun Fitness Motivators

1.  Choose an activity you actually enjoy. For some it is running, swimming, cycling or other gym activities. For others, they discover that dancing is what makes them happy, or maybe tennis. You need to find something you enjoy or no amount of motivation will get you doing it.

2.  Find (or make) the time to exercise. Put it into your calendar like a date.

3.  Partner Up:  If you have a hard time keeping that ‘date’, find someone to do the activity with you. Meeting someone makes it a lot easier to get up on a cold and dark day when staying under the covers would be nicer! It keeps you accountable!


— Joanna Chodorowska

Variety is the Spice of Life

My favorite tip that works really well for me is to have a variety of exercise videos. The way I keep it fresh is to rotate them AND I turn off the sound after the first few times I use a new one and instead listen to my favorite music, rotating my favorite CDs. Ninety nine percent of the time the music works with the workout video in any combination. This way I look forward to my video work outs.

— Rebecca Cagle

Feel The Beat

Hear the music, Feel the beat and Never Stop Movin‘ in your body and in your life! It starts with a great song where the lyrics motivate you as well as the vibe! Now get on up and move! Even if you simply walk or run in place right where you are to one song everyday you will start to want more!!!

— Marina Kamen

Staying in shape is sexy – so get up and get moving! Check out our Exercise series for more ways to trick yourself into burning calories!

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