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Have you ever known someone who just lights up a room?  What is it that they have that attracts others? Some celebrities have ‘it’, babies are born with what seems an infinite amount of ‘it.’  It is their human energy. They are putting out an energy that is inviting to others and equally infectious.   Other people may be doing the opposite, not intentionally; but other peoples negative energy does have a negative effect on you.  Notice how beautiful features on a tense scowling face pushes you away.

Conversely, less than perfectly formed features showing acceptance and joy with the warmth of a smile are equally contagious.  I remember working with celebrities who were considered beautiful, and some became more beautiful over time, while others became downright ugly because their inner energy magnetized their outer appearance.  Since the 3rd millennium, B.C., the Chinese called this vital energy, ‘Chi, stating that all matter, animate and inanimate, contains this.  Chi is seen as the basis of life.  Yogi’s practice manipulating this energy through breathing, physical exercise and meditation techniques.   By directing focus on achieving more Chi, more energy through energy producing breathing techniques, integrated with easily attained Yoga poses, you feel an instantaneous feeling of youthful vigor.


Some people have told me they’re too tired to exercise – but a study involving over 6800 people in 70 studies found that exercise increased energy and reduced fatigue –  and not just in healthy people – people who had cancer and heart disease also benefited with an energy boost.   However YOU have to exert the energy to make it happen.  There are three kinds of people in this world, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who just wonder, what happened?  Unfortunately, some of my patients fall into the ‘what happened’ category after years of mistreating their body.  Your muscles were meant to be exercised, your brain is nourished through stimulation and your energy source is the connection of your mind, body and spirit.  I just saw a patient today who had never exercised in her life.  She is 54 years OLD, is on 16 medications, has had a recent heart attack, diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure.  All this was preventable if she treated her body like the temple it is.  Instead she is wondering ‘what happened.’


Yoga motivates you to treat your body like a temple for your soul to reside in.  If you filled a Mercedes with regular fuel, how would it run?  Your body is a first rate machine and needs premium fuel to run at its best.   Eating excess fat is like sludge in an engine; it will slow down and stop running.   Yoga’s inspirational message helps you treat your body with the respect it deserves and rewards you with more energy.

Empower Yourself

Yoga encourages mindfulness so you think before you eat.  When this becomes a habit, you lose  weight and the practice of self control becomes easier and even enjoyable  because you know you are in charge of your health.  When you are in charge of your health instead of your health in charge of you, a new found energy rises in your spirit.


Confucius said: “Men do not mirror themselves in running water – they mirror themselves in still water.  Only what is still can still the stillness of other things.”

In our super-busy, hectic, often frantic, overworked, overburdened world, we do not take the time to be still. Yoga offers peaceful meditation to help you boost your energy to achieve your goals. So stop and hear yourself breathing.  Breathing requires one to breathe in the breath of life – to inspire is to be inspired with the gift of life and possess an extraordinary sense of well being.  What a blessing.

Get Enough Sleep

Yoga can help alleviate anxiety and help you sleep soundly.  A former client of mine, Myra, a hospital dietician and college professor stated she hadn’t slept well in 2 years, but once she practiced yoga, she finally got a well deserved 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and more energy throughout the day.

Yes You Can

Yoga with meditation teaches gratitude and a positive attitude.  A Gratitude attitude has a way of transforming your way of looking and acting in everyday life. Your gratitude speaks volumes about the direction, concerns, and qualities of your life. Yoga unites a feeling of gratitude with a physical connection to wellness in a seamless, effortless way to achieve the desired state of being appreciative while giving thanks for the natural life forces that surrounds us. Connecting with nature instills a sense of wonderment and admiration towards the universe. The more we appreciate nature, the more it rewards us by allowing us to relax, unwind and be spiritually linked to this extraordinary planet earth.

Suzanne Andrews of Star of Functional Fitness, PBS TV on “Healthwise Exercise”


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