Expert Advice: Exercise Tricks for Visible Results

Don't you hate it when you make an effort to exercise – but don't see results? Me too!

That's why I asked health and fitness experts to share their favorite little secrets for producing visible results. 

Here are two excellent tips for you:

Tip #1: No More Slow, Boring, Cardio

Top 3 ways to get a tight, toned, firm body:

  1. Exercise in Short, Intense Bursts
  2. Stay away from The 5lb. and 8lb. pound Dumbbells and lift heavier weight for toner arms, and tighter legs.
  3. Do 2-3 Smart Cardio Sessions per week. Smart cardio is designed to burn more fat, tighten up all the big muscle groups, and increase your metabolism efficacy like no other workout. The basic definition of smart cardio is interval training.

Rahsheen Slaugher, MPT, Fitness Studio Owner and Creator of The MetaBurn Fat Loss System

Tip #2: You Gotta Know When To Hold 'em

Your abdominal muscles that is. The mid-life paunch that can frustrate women who have even had few weight issues in their life, can find that by age 40, they join the rest of us in fighting the middle-age spread. Think about your abdominal muscles wrapping around you like a corset. As long as you continue to take deep full breaths, you can imagine the laces of the corset pulling weight up away from the hips. This will trim your waist and support you back simultaneously.

— Kara Wily, Kara Wily Pilates;


Thanks to Rahsheen and Kara for these great tips!

Also, take a look Women's Weight Training Myths & Facts for more great tips on seeing visible results from your hard work!

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