Arm and Shoulder Exercises for Toned Arms

Summertime is the time of tank tops, strapless sundresses, and showing off our arms and shoulders.  Many of us women are self conscious about our arms and will rarely remove a sweater.  For whatever reason, fat loves to gather, then hang out and dangle right under our arm where gravity then does a number on it!

To sculpt and tone your arms, try using these arm and shoulder exercises that will improve your strength and flexibility.

Therapeutic Shoulder Exercise

Keeping your shoulers flexible is important for reaching into cupboards, washing your hair and other functional activities.

For flexibility: Raise your arm as high as you can towards the ceiling. Make sure to keep your elbows straight. If this is difficult you can begin doing this lying down and clasping your hands together. Raise your arms up and as far back as possible. To do this same move in a pool grasp a noodle with both hands and raise the noodle to shoulder level and down. Always make sure to keep your elbows straight. Begin with one set of 15 and work your way up to 2 sets of 15 or as instructed by your rehab therapist.

On a more personal note, I know this exercise works because I’m not just a therapy practioner, I did this to rehab my shoulders after recovering from preventing an accident with a patient at work.

Suzanne Andrews, Star of Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews, PBS TV, Healthwise Exercise

Jump Your Way to Arm Strength

Fifteen years ago I went with a friend to her gym. One of the trainers told me that I probably shouldn’t do upper body workouts because of my history. So since I don’t like gyms anyway I went back to my mini trampoline on my patio–love it–and then learned that it is one of the best exercises for upper body! Truly, if you extend your arms while walking or jumping, the resistance helps to strengthen them and you barely feel it.

After that a car accident and shattered ankle kept me from the trampoline, so I started a flexibility/body ball workout. It has been good too, but just so you know the trampoline works for upper body, I can do 30 pushups without stopping. And I am 62!

Arla Caraboolad, MFT, CFLE, Arla Caraboolad, MFT, CFLE

What arm and shoulder exercises do you use to help improve your range of motion?

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