A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Exercise Motivation

Let Results Be Your Motivation

Start out easy and slow. Eventually, you’ll see progress. I used to personally train people because I have so much experience. Ever since I was 14 years old I’ve been into physical culture, martial arts, bodybuilding, and now strength training. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of these personal trainers practically torture their clients. That’s no way to stay motivated.
I always encourage anybody who’s taking on a physical fitness regime to start off slow, look forward to the training session and almost 100% of the time, you’ll see yourself getting fitter and stronger. When this happens, then you’re even more motivated to keep going. Nothing motivates you like results. You definitely do not want it to become a chore. It’s never a chore for me.

Turn Daily Activities into Exercise

1). Workout with Friends. Bring friends along for a walk at the park or connect with fellow members at the gym. Commit to meet them there on select days. The buddy system helps with consistency and accountability. Also, it’s motivating because you’ll have friends or gym members with like-minded goals.
2). Climbing stairs. Climbing stairs is one of the best and easiest forms of cardio, calorie burning and muscle toning/building. Ditch the elevator and the escalator and opt for the stairs whenever you can. It’s healthier and a mindless way to gain a calorie burning bonus.
3). Walking in Malls. Malls are huge so just two laps around the facility can net you a couple of miles of walking.  Also it’s more ecstatically pleasing and inspiring because you can window shop various stores.
4). Listening to music while working out. Music motivates and inspires. Putting on your favorite song allows you to focus on the beat and the lyrics and not the duration of the exercise. You can even use music to plan your workout routine. You can designate that certain songs go with certain exercises and instead counting reps just focus on doing that particular exercise for the duration of the song. The average song is 3.5-5 minutes long. You will do far more reps this way than you would with the traditional approach of 3 sets of 10-12 repetition.
5). Parking farther away and walking to stores. The holidays are right around the corner and you’d be surprised at how many calories you can burn per day by just taking more frequent short brisk walks. We all have the instinct to find the closest parking spot as if that is some kind of prize. However, the real prize is the opportunity to burn a few extra calories by just taking a short walk.
Remember to switch up your workout. Don’t do the same exercises everyday and don’t walk the same route. Even the most committed people can get bored with a routine. If you find yourself losing motivation, try a workout from a current Health Magazine, a workout DVD, or take a class at the gym.  Keep in mind that being active in any respect has far more benefits then being stationary. Because the more you sweat, the more you’re burning.

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