Eating Healthy Food to Lose Weight

Nutrient Dense Foods Boost Health and Help Reduce Cravings

The best foods to eat when trying to shed pounds are foods that are “nutrient dense”. Foods that are nutrient dense are powerhouse foods that contain high amounts of nutrients in low-calorie packages. Quinoa is a good example of a nutrient-dense food high in protein, high in fiber and low in calories.
Eating whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables are a great example of foods that keep us feeling full. Fresh vegetables and other foods high in fiber take longer to travel through the digestive tract, which helps to curb hunger by maintaining satiety. It can be difficult to make a transition to eating healthy food if it is not what you are used to as the body does develop real cravings for sweet foods we shouldn’t be eating. You can help your body with these cravings by using a supplement containing trace minerals and herbs to balance sugar metabolism and support healthy insulin.
— Dan Chapman, Founder and CEO, Redd Remedies

Losing Weight Without Starving

Eat 2-3 cartons of low-fat 80 calorie yogurt for breakfast and lunch, then eat a normal dinner. The yogurt is protein and keeps you feeling full. 3 cartons are only 240 calories. If you do get hungry for a snack eat another container. I lost 30 lbs on this super easy diet.
— John Wilder, Marriage, Relationship and Sexual Coach, The Marriage Coach

Eat More to Get Slim

Eating less does not help people shed pounds unless they are eating higher natural fat, if that’s what their body needs, or higher fiber, more concentrated food. Maybe they need to cut down on sugars and complex carbohydrates, like most people. I have often found that people actually don’t eat enough, especially early in the day. By four pm they’re starving.
Personally, I wasn’t eating enough fat. And fat-free pre-packaged foods are high in sugar. To get slim, eating what the individual body needs is most important. But keep the calories up, as the body will start storing food as fat against the next “famine”. I actually gained 40 lbs. dieting, lost it all thinking thin and have kept it off over 25 years. I quit dieting and started listening to what my body wanted. I found myself eating more protein, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. Basically, the foods I always craved!
— Debbie Johnson, Author, Think Yourself Thin  

The Greeks and Irish Have it!

When Greek yogurt was introduced I never tried it, because for some reason I thought it would taste like Feta cheese. Eventually my daughters forced me to try it and immediately I loved it. It’s thick, creamy and is a great substitute for sweets. My favorite is Greek Gods Honey Yogurt and I mix in granola and my favorite food.
When my doctor found that I was sensitive to dairy, I discovered a new favorite to replace the Greek Yogurt — Irish Oatmeal. These steel cut oats aren’t as mushy as American oats and people tell me that with it being less processed, the body absorbs the nutrients much better.
— Marcia Noyes, PR Director, iTriage, LLC

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