Eating for a Slim Body

Slim Body Tip #1: Cutting Edge Diets for 2011

For those who want to lose weight safely and expeditiously the newest science in nutrition shows that a diet rich in protein and restricted in calories will produce the best results. Protein works more efficiently at the cellular level than carbs. Therefore the body can metabolize the excess body tissues that make us heavy.

When certain foods and food groups are altered weight loss can be achieved quickly. Refrain from ingesting products rich in white flour. Cut your rice and potatoes to a minimum. Move on to zero calorie drinks. Use sugar substitutes only. Veer away from canned foods, substitute fresh or frozen varieties. Stay closer to poultry than red meats. Those special treats should be rewards for following these guidelines.

Science of nutrition moves quickly, so keep your eye on columns such as this one.

— Mark Davis, M.D.  Physician, Author, Lecturer and Health Consultant, Healthnets Review Services

Slim Body Tip #2: How to Love what You Eat and Still Lose Weight

I Lost 130 lbs and I LOVE Food!

Protein and fiber keep you full longer and can improve health, while sugar and white carbs lack nutritional value and do not keep you full as long. One of the keys to weight loss is eating foods that keep you full, provide nutrition and taste great.

Two of my favorite fit and tasty foods that allow me to love what I eat and still lose weight are whole grain rice noodles and low-carb tortilla wraps.  I am able to eat the foods I love, like pasta, sandwiches, and enchiladas.  It is fun to be creative and prepare homemade pizza quesadillas!

Replace your usual “white pasta” and “white bread” to LOVE what you eat and still lose weight!

Taisha, Founder, Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, THayesFitness

Slim Body Tip #3: The Secret to Simple Dieting

It’s not about the calories, but how many fats and carbs you consume in a day. If you limit your fats to no more than 15 grams per day, and your carbs to no more than 150 grams per day, you will create the perfect burn in your body to release stored fat!

You can enjoy a glass of wine (5 carbs) and not have to give up your lifestyle. It’s all about reading labels and finding the lower fat, lower carb versions of the foods you love.

Did you know that each egg has 5 grams of fat? Use an egg substitute or egg whites. There are many lower fat cheeses you can enjoy too! Once you do your homework, the eating gets easy!

— Bobbie Freiberg, Author, 15-150 Secret to Simple


For more great tips on attaining and maintaining your slim body, be sure to see our complete Healthy Eating series.

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