Weight Loss Starts In Your Head

Fitness PlanStart a new fitness plan today and stick to it!

When starting a daily exercise program and working towards maintaining a healthy weight, the mental commitment is the first step to complete. Because I am an expert food advocate and exercise coach, clients often ask me for my secrets to staying committed to a new program and keys to motivation.

Physical Fitness and proper nutrition boil down to more than the ability to exercise and eat right. The most important component that is often over looked is the mental strength and stamina required to maintain the motivation to continue exercising day after day and to eat right.

I often lecture on how to build mental strength; the first step in developing it is acknowledging your need for it, and then seeking to achieve it. This is why I advocate taking small steps when embarking on any new fitness plan / life change. It will help you build the physical AND mental strength to reorganize your life, and consistently challenge yourself daily. In other words, if you want to start eating healthy, make one small change a week to your diet. This is a much more reasonable life change – and one where you can make calculated and long lasting changes to the foods you eat, rather than drastically trying to change your eating habits and failing. Or, should you wish to start exercising daily – start with ONE day of exercise for a week or two and slowly add additional workouts to your week. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed and overworked.

Mind over Body- your BODY WILL OBEY any command your MIND gives it. Try it now- tell yourself to lift your left arm above your head. You get the idea. If you fail to keep up with your workouts or proper eating, it is because you need to strengthen your MIND to develop the discipline and motivation to be consistent!

To help myself stay on track – I find taking photos of my body give me the mental push I need to stay motivated. One of two things always happens when I see pictures of myself: I either get disappointed and hit the gym to fix the problems I see OR I get happy and get motivated to push on to maintain the results I see!

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