Planning, Preparing and Patience… essential components to a healthy lifestyle

Exercise and Eat HealthyFitness is not as simple as it may seem.  “Exercise and Eat Healthy”, those two commandments are the most challenging hurdles people face in their lives today.  With your physical and mental health being dependent on fitness, eating right and exercising are essential although cumbersome parts of reality.

Understand this, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle.  It is not something you can achieve in one day, nor can you destroy it in one week.  It takes commitment, and your efforts must be for the long term.  As you know, in order to be successful at any long term goal, a person must PLAN and PREPARE and have PATIENCE with yourself.  These three characteristics are indispensable to any health & wellness plan and without them, fitness will be difficult to achieve.

Planning and Preparing by example:

Each week on Sunday- I wake up about 1 hour before my husband. It is at that time, I drink my tea, sit back relax, enjoy the silence of the Sunday morning and begin my planning for the week. I take a look at my calendar for the week ahead and take note as to how busy I will actually be. Where do I have to go on what days. After that- I then plan my workout schedule….I figure out on which days I will study martial arts, on which days I will lift weights and when I will achieve cardio. Next- I think of food. With my schedule in place- I now know how much time I will have to dedicate to cooking, and I have a good idea of how I will feel both physically and mentally each day. I then sit in the kitchen with a paper and pen- and actually write down- what I will eat all week…..Breakfast M,T,W,TH,F….snack….lunch….and so on. I factor in fruit, veggies, lean proteins and I plan which days I will eat a meal that has been prepared ahead of time on Sunday or that is frozen. Now that my meal plan is all worked out- on the other side of the paper- I make my GROCERY LIST. Now I am ready for the week. I have planned, and I am ready to prepare the meals I have planned out. I am also ready to conquer the supermarket with a purpose. When I get there- there will be no needless browsing or purchasing. I will go to the market somewhere in the day on Sunday. In this shopping trip- I will buy ALL the food I need for the week- to avoid unnecessary marketing traps of the SUPERMARKET and needless purchases. Once the fresh food is in my home and unpacked, on Sunday evening while getting myself ready for the week I begin to cook the food I plan on eating for the week! By Monday I have my food planned and prepared and I am ready for action! I have a little lunch box and I am all set. I am also able to resist temptation while I am out on appointments as my food is packed and ready to go! Without PLANNING AND PREPARATION- with all of the temptation of the Standard American Diet, you will never reach your goal of eating healthy and getting fit. 


Now for the last P in the equation…..PATIENCE. This is essential- as no matter how much you plan and prepare- things always go off track without notice. This could be due to family, work, stress – whatever. Maybe you just don't feel like eating string beans again! OK- so you lose your mind and go to Carvell. Well- in my book that is no big deal- if these slips are few and far in between. One day of eating bad will not kill you – just like one day of eating well will not make you healthy! So- have patience with yourself….make changes in your life one at a time! Give yourself time to adjust and formally change your habits SLOWLY to ensure LONGEVITY. You cannot change all of your eating, exercise and life habits in one day.  It takes time; to understand that and accept that concept you need patience.  Remember, Eat, Exercise and Be Happy! That is what life is all about.

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Stay Focused Until the Miracle Happens


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