My Number OneTip To Lose Cellulite on Thighs!

Lose Weight and Get FitI don't know about you but when I see cellulite on thighs, I want to tell the person lose weight and get fit and, depending on how bad it is, I want to add lose weight fast! Actually, a great way to exercise is to literally walk the dog. You don't need any equipment or facility, just get a leash and walk the dog in the neighborhood. Surprisingly, there are studies linking out-of-shape dogs to, who would guess – out of shape owners. The faster you can walk the dog, the better the walking workout for you – the owner. Start today, walk the dog, walk yourself!

Of course you will have to work on your endurance as well as your dogs, so start out slow!  Try extending your daily walks for an extra black or two each week.  Before you know it, you and Fido will be looking forward to your next outing and dropping unwanted extra pounds too. 

I have two dogs, and each day I take them for their basic relief walks, three times daily.  We all get a few minutes, typically 10-15 to get outside, and get some fresh air.  However, these walks are not enough exercise for the average dog, and without additional workouts planned, they could end up packing on extra pounds and suffering the same health problems we humans encounter when carrying extra weight.

Create accountability.  All dog owners KNOW dogs understand what we are saying when we talk to them.  Stop, call their name, get their attention, look them in the eye, and commit out loud to get them and yourself that you will get them healthy by taking planned LONG walks 3-4 times weekly.  This DOES not mean go sit at a dog park and let the dog wrestle with his friends.  This means planned alone walking workout time – just you and the dog!  Dog parks are a whole other type of outlet for both you and Fido. 

So what are you waiting for?  Plan those workouts, get outside and get fit with Fido and lose weight fast walking the dog!  The length of your walk will depend on your fitness level as well as your dogs’ physical fitness & ability.  You may want to talk to your veterinarian before commencing your exercise regimen.  No dog to walk?  Why not volunteer at your local animal shelter – there are PLENTY of volunteers waiting to exercise with you!

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