Healthy Diet Drink: Homemade Lemonade by Becky’s Fitness Company

Healthy and FitDid you know that drinking water can help you lose weight? Yes, you read that correctly; drinking water can help suppress your appetite, and curb calories.  Many people often confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger.  This leads to potential overeating and dehydration. 

What’s more is, for all of the people who do not “like” water, they end up drinking beverages that are filled with chemicals and/or sugar, resulting in excess calorie consumption.  I live by the MANTRA – eat only those foods you find YUMMY and that are good for you! So if you don’t like plain water, why not add some lemon and make lemonade? Water is an essential nutrient that helps get your metabolism rocking, gives you energy to work, play, exercise and live.  So drink up.

As you all know, being healthy and fit is a lifestyle.  Eating good clean foods, exercising and being happy requires a commitment on your behalf.  You should aim to make one small change in your life to benefit your physical or mental health each week.  In order to be successful you must plan and prepare and have patience.  It is your life and your body, take care of it.  Make this week’s change a commitment to drink more water.

Join me in preparing this easy quick diet drink – homemade lemonade.  I will show you how to make the drink in a jiffy so you can stay hydrated.  What's even better? The recipe is so delicious you will actually look forward to drinking several glasses of water each day.  Be sure to check with your doctor before increasing fluid intake.  Enjoy!

RECIPE: Becky’s Diet Drink – Homemade Lemonade

1 Liter Water
½ Lemon
Squeeze lemon and add to water.  Add pulp if that is your preference.  Sweeten to taste with Stevia 

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