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Fitness RoutineAll too often I hear that people start a fitness program and then fail to stay committed after the first week.  One of the most common complaints is working out is boring, or people don’t know how to workout.  Want to know the solution? Make fitness FUN!  Yes – choose an activity that you enjoy to get fit with.  You do not have to go to a gym, lift weights and stay on the treadmill for 30 minutes 5 days a week to be fit.  I would never be in shape if that were true!  Here is how you can make fitness fun and stick with your weight loss goals:


  1. Think about a physical activity that you enjoy. For example, dancing, hiking, biking, martial arts, yoga, horseback riding, playing sports.
  2. Run a local Google search to find classes or clubs near you. Be sure to check out the classes at your local gym.  There is often a wide selection offered at various time frames giving you the opportunity to experience different activities and instructors.  I often find these classes to be underutilized and a great resource.
  3. Go and check it out, and commit for a SHORT term.  You do not want your new fitness regime to become a stressful burden.  Committing to an activity for a short term gives you an end date so you can feel accomplished at completing that short term commitment and it gives you the option to move on to select a different activity if your expectations were not met. 
  4. Get a partner.  This can be your spouse, child, dog, friend or personal trainer. Whoever it is, make sure they are as committed as you, and that you enjoy that person’s company.  I find partnering with a family member or pet ensures that I spend time with them and creates accountability.

Regardless of which activity you choose, make sure you enjoy it.  That means when you think about it, a smile comes to your face.  Whoever you choose to participate with you, make sure you enjoy their company, that includes a personal trainer or group fitness instructor.  Make a short term commitment and stick to it.  If after you gave your fitness routine a fair try and you don’t like it, start over and pick a new activity.  You will be shocked at how soon you find fitness to be fun. 

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