Exercise: Keys to Loving Relationships!

Keys to Loving RelationshipsOne of the keys to loving relationships is to spend your fitness workout time together. Exercise starts with following healthy eating guidelines and being active on a regular basis.  Being physically fit is the basis for looking your best, feeling your best, and being the best you can be for your partner. Even existing marriages can be strengthened by spending your physical activity time together. One of the keys to loving relationships is to stay involved together!

Keys to Loving RelationshipsFor starters, go to the gym as a couple. A couple that plays together, stays together! Even if you don’t workout together, the act of going to the gym as a couple builds a strong foundation of support to stick to your health and wellness goals. My husband and I often go to the gym together – I will take a class, he will hit the weight room. The buddy system of going to the gym together ensures that we stick to our fitness goals, and then gives us added support to eat healthy when we are away from the gym! What’s more is, the increased blood flow, weight loss and stamina……help increase your sex drive!

Another technique is to continually try new things together! Eat Smart! Eating good clean fresh foods will help you feel better, look better and benefit your overall health! Take a healthy cooking class together, stroll a farmers market, go home and cook a romantic meal together! Engaging in healthy habits together leads to a long term support system for your life changes and a bond between couples that runs strong!

Learning to support each other in being healthy and happy makes for a closer couple, better sex and overall higher relationship satisfaction!

Here are some exercises you can do to help make you better in bed!

  1. Yoga: Yoga increases flexibility, helps you focus on breathing and concentrate on movement.
  2. Cardiovascular Training: Any form of cardiovascular training will help you lose weight, feel more confident and build stamina!
  3. Bench Presses: This is for the men out there! Want to be able to support your body weight and stamina for an extended love session? The missionary position requires this- so get pushing!
  4. Kegel Exercises: This is for the ladies! These exercises are easy and can be done anytime! They help women reach orgasm easier and help men last longer! So start contracting those pubococcygeal muscles and have fun!

Start enhancing your relationship by working together by planning and following healthy eating guidelines. Remember one of the main keys to loving relationships is to be the best you can be for your partner and do your workouts together. Health experts recommend jogging, cycling, tennis, golf, and the basics of going to the gym as great couples activities.

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