A Professional Lesson on Running!

Best Exercise For Weight LossPhysical fitness experts stress running as a good way to lose weight, strengthen the cardio vascular system, and promote good mental health. While running is great physical fitness, the latest information documents possible long-term effects on knee and elbow cartilege. It is important to learn how to run correctly to offset the possible negatives. Too many women just buy an expensive pair of running shoes and go; learning how to do it correctly cannot be stressed enough. It is also beneficial, however, to include a flexibility training regimen, a workout that provides strength and a way to socialize with others.

OK- so you want to learn how to run!  We all had to start somewhere- even me.  As a young girl I trained countless hours and ran hundreds of miles.  Law school, marriage and life interfered and I fell out of shape by my twenties.  My first jaunt back on the treadmill after a long hiatus left me breathless and frustrated after 45 seconds.  So I KNOW how you feel.  Follow the tips below to help get you on track to learn the proper breathing skills, pace setting skills and to help ultimately increase your physical fitness to a point where you can run a mile or more!

Week ONE AND TWO: Start off SLOW!

Plan for two training sessions of running each week.  Schedule them in as though they were non cancellable business meetings.  These will be short easy paced walk to runs about 30 minutes.  I want you to warm up at a brisk walk for 5 minutes and stretch (about 5 minutes).  Return to your brisk walk for 1 minute; then gradually increase your speed to a light jog until you start to feel yourself get tired.  Slow down and walk until you recover, catch your breath and have the energy to increase your output to a light jog again.  Repeat this cycle for 20 minutes. Then return to your brisk walk for 5 minutes; and stretch for 5 minutes.  This is a 30 minute workout.

  • Please note a light jog is a pace where you can still talk although not comfortably. While jogging, I want you to focus on your breathing; breathe in and out slowly and try to set a comfortable pace for yourself, where you feel you can continue moving for an extended amount of time.  If you run too fast – you will run out of breath and have to walk.  Run slower until your fitness level increases.

  • Also- I want you to jog ONLY for the amount of time that you have the energy to jog!  This could mean you jog 30 seconds and walk 1 minute.  That is OK!  Week 2 you will increase your jogging times from week 1!!!!

Week THREE AND FOUR: Time to pick up the pace.

You have now been training for two weeks- I want you to warm up with a brisk walk for 5 minutes, stretch and then have a goal of reaching 5 minutes of a light jog consecutively.  You will use your 20 minutes of walk to jog time to try and accomplish this.  You can achieve your 5 minutes of consecutive jogging at any point in your 20 minutes of walk to jog time.

Week FIVE AND SIX: Time to get serious.

You are going for a non stop 10 minute jog.  At this point, the challenge is mostly mental.  You should understand your breathing patterns better, and know how to pace your speed so as not to run out of energy too soon.  Work it, focus, KNOW that you CAN do it and you WILL do it.  Mind over Body; push beyond your comfort zone, pace yourself and go for the 10 minutes.  Again, use your 20 minutes of walk to jog time to get to the 10 minute goal.

Week SEVEN AND EIGHT: Now you can increase your jogging time and speed as you feel comfortable.  You have learned how to control your mind, you have strengthened your body, have fun!

NOTE: I have only assigned two days of running per week, as I would like you to include strength training days, and flexibility training in your routine. Continue the following plan until you are able to run 30 minutes consecutively without stopping.  As always, the fuel you put in your body will affect your training so eat clean! Good luck, have fun and train hard!

As always,

Stay focused Until the Miracle Happens!


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