Using Plastic Inserts for Coupon Organization

Learn more great tips on how to be an extreme couponer from our expert contributor, Jennifer Buck.  She shares her organizational expertise with us so we, too, can save hundreds of dollars by effectively organizing and using coupons.

Plastic Inserts are Your Friend

The best way I have found to keep coupons organized and ready at your fingertips is to use a 3′ binder, get a few pages of baseball card inserts, and then about 50 plastic insert sheets. The Baseball Card inserts are used for Gift Cards, Promotional/Store Perk Cards. I use the plastic pages for the actual coupons, ads, emails, etc. for retail stores and restaurants.

I then write the name of the store on the plastic sheet with a Sharpie and keep it alphabetically. When I get an email with a coupon, I print the email and immediately “file” it in the sleeve. When I get the mail every day, I do the same. The binder is always kept in the car, or by the front door and we don’t leave home without it!

When we are out and about, we have everything at our fingertips! Or, if we are running a quick errand, we just unclip the sleeve from the binder and take the single sleeve. I keep everything always updated just by spending a few minutes a day, and there is no frantic search for coupons when we leave. In addition, because I am looking at the coupons all the time, when I see a good deal, I know what coupon I can use with it to maximize that deal.

I love using this binder when we go to the mall, because everything is organized and before we go into a store, I can flip to the page, and go into the store with the coupon in hand.

We have found this method has saved us hundreds of dollars in savings, and we never let a coupon/deal/incentive expire by misplacing a coupon! It also makes it easier for my husband to participate in our efforts.

Jennifer Buck, Owner, Graceful Expressions

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