Part Two: A Few of My Favorite Tips

Welcome to part two of our Holiday series, A Few of My Favorite Tips.  Again, I would like to express my appreciation to our readers for taking the time to learn from and enjoy our publication.  I would also like to extend a big THANK YOU to our panel of expert contributors for providing us with all the helpful tips and tricks we discuss on and

Without further adieu…  Here is part two of:

No More Matching – No More Rules

Stop Matching Everything: Your shoes, purse, and belt do NOT have to match and [doing so] shows your age because it’s a very old-school rule. Mix it up with tones that compliment each other like gray, brown, navy, and black.

Flip-flop Dressier Items: Instead of dressing up a collared blouse and blazer combo with your pearls and delicate jewelry; do practically the opposite. Pair that blazer up with a tunic-length t-shirt and some chunky, glam jewelry, and a patent leather skinny belt.

Wear Something Unexpected: Hit the streets for inspiration. Use trend-setters you see and borrow one idea and incorporate it into your ensemble. I’m not about to go punk from head to toe, but a black leather cuff would be just the thing to pair with a pale pink blazer worn over a white t-shirt, your favorite bootcut jeans, and a pair of metallic wedge sandals.

Throw the Rules out the Window: Forget about age appropriate. Wear what you like, what matches your personality, and what makes you feel good. Trust your instincts. Don’t get stuck because you’re over 40 or you’re a Mom. Be the shining star you are meant to be at this age and all ages to come and let go of age rules and restrictions.

– Kami Gray, Personal Stylist at Kami Gray STYLE

 Weight Loss Tip #1: Got Cravings?

We are told that eating less and moving more is the key to weight loss. We must need to eat reduced calorie food or restrict our caloric intake then, right? Not exactly..

Consider this:  You want a chocolate chip cookie. You can’t eat that though, it has too much fat, calories, sugar, carbs, white flour, etc… So you reach for a banana.  Then a low-cal high fiber granola bar.  And then because you can’t shake this craving you eat some chocolate, maybe grab a handful of nuts or chips.  Eventually, because you never satisfied the initial craving, you end up eating that chocolate chip cookie anyway (or maybe 5)!

You don’t get to enjoy it because you are full of all that other stuff you ate – plus now you have to feel guilty on top of it! Honor your hunger. Don’t eat what you don’t love (yes, even vegetables). And when you love something – savor it.

– Caryn Gillen, Ma, CPCC, Life and Intuitive Eating Coach, Caryn Gillen

 3 Fun Fitness Motivators

1.  Choose an activity you actually enjoy. For some it is running, swimming, cycling or other gym activities. For others, they discover that dancing is what makes them happy, or maybe tennis. You need to find something you enjoy or no amount of motivation will get you doing it.

2.  Find (or make) the time to exercise. Put it into your calendar like a date.

3.  Partner Up:  If you have a hard time keeping that ‘date’, find someone to do the activity with you. Meeting someone makes it a lot easier to get up on a cold and dark day when staying under the covers would be nicer! It keeps you accountable!

 – Joanna Chodorowska

Happy Holidays and wishing you many blessings as we close out the year 2011 and look forward to 2012.

Ann Sandretto

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