Part One: A Few of My Favorite Tips

We appreciate both our readers and our contributors for making and such an amazing resource for women navigating through the many changes life brings.

To celebrate this last year and in honor of the Holiday Season here is part one of our two-part series…

A Few of My Favorite Tips!


Own Your Beauty Rituals

It is so easy for women to feel bad about taking care of themselves, which is such a shame! Those few minutes we take are precious, and ancient. They are yours and yours alone! Trust that you are not doing it for others, or for a juvenile sense of having to look a certain way. You enhance your Life-given gorgeousness because you like to do it. It makes you feel good. So take even a little bit more time….

–Melissa Picoli, Esthetician/Founder, BijaBody health+beauty



Meditation is the number one stress reducer and pain reliever. It allows us to clear our minds, permitting creative juices to flow and answers to come. Treating yourself to an aromatherapy bath will do wonders for the mind and skin. Exercise such as walking and yoga also help by reducing cortisol levels in the body, which can cause premature aging and wrinkles.

– Shalea Walker, Founder, Walker’s Apothecary

Counter Measures

If your bathroom has only a sink and no vanity counter, here is a great way to increase your makeup area in a flash! Purchase a simple cutting board made of polypropylene in a size slightly larger than your sink below and place it over the sink to create instant counter space for your products. And if you spill anything, it can be easily washed right in the sink. Afterwards, simple store it away for next time.

Susie Galvez, Beauty Expert and Author

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