Contributors and our sister site would not be possible without the high-quality tips, advice and stories that we receive from our network of Contributors.

Are You Interested in Contributing?

We have several opportunities for you to share your tips, advice, thoughts and experience with the thousands of women who visit us each month.

Join Our Community

Are you an Every Day Expert? Do you love to help your friends with their questions, give them advice about relationships, food, clothes, makeup, hair, fitness and health?

We want you!

Come join our community and share your real-life experiences and your womanly-wisdom in our “Girlfriend’s Only” forums.

Click the “Register” link on the right to get started… or save yourself a step (and the hassle of remembering yet antoher username and password!) use your existing Facebook account to login.


Become a Resident Expert

Our Resident Experts receive prime positioning on our site. They enjoy a link on our homepage, featured placement of their new articles at the top of our pages, a full page including their bio and a link to their website – and more!

We do have a fee for this high-profile role – but starting at only $29/month – you get a lot of bang for your buck!

As an expert, you’ll not only receive exposure to thousands of women, but also the benefits of being recognized by a third-party as an expert in your field and valuable links (directly) back to your site from the keyword-rich articles you publish.

If you’re interested in participating, please email Ann at to learn how to apply!


Join our Contributor “Call” List

Each day, we put out “calls” for contributions to our growing list of doctors, lawyers, business owners and loads of health, beauty, style, relationship, fitness and well-being experts.

We feature 14 to 50 quotes from these contributors every week – each is complete with a link back to the contributor’s site.

If you’re interested in seeing the open “Calls” we have now, and joining the list to hear about upcoming calls, please click here to view our Open Calls for Health and Beauty content (it’s at a site called – a great group of people that handle this part of our content for us!).


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